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Suzi Otuafi 
(Owner and head Optional coach) 
Suzi joined Flips as a gymnast in 1980,and competed for the Flips team for 10 years. She was a 2 time state champion and achieved  the Elite level by the age of 12. After marrying her highschool sweetheart, Suzi began coaching for Flips for the next 15 years.  During those 15 years of coaching she had many state and regional champions. In 2006 when her coaches and then owners of Flips took a college coaching job, the opportunity arose and Suzi proudly became the owner of Flips.  Suzi is passionate about the sport of gymnastics and Flips as it has always been her home and has taught her many life skills that she always strives to pass down to her athletes.  Suzi has 4 children who have all been top level athletes including her 2 girls who were collegiate level gymnasts.  Besides gymnastics Suzi loves to just hang out and enjoy her family.
Amanda Otuafi Dixon
(Optional  head coach and Tumble bugs and Bees/Bunnies instructor)
Gymnastics has a part of Amanda's life since the day she was born, and Flips has always been her home away from home. After her club career at Flips Amanda attended Boise State University on a full ride gymnastics scholarship. While at Boise State she met her husband Cody who was also a student athlete. Cody and Amanda have been together since 2011 and have a beautiful son named Kashton. As a coach Amanda is honored to have the opportunity to teach and instill the life lessons that gymnastics has taught her into the young athletes at Flips. 
Brianne  (Office Manager)
Brianne started coaching at Flips in 2013. She started out coaching our Kindergym program and with our students in the tumblebus program.  In 2017 she took over office duties and has become our office manager. Brianne loves seeing all of our students each day and getting to know all of our Flips families.
Jadacie (Xcel Bronze/Silver Team Coach and Recreational and Kindergym Instructor)
Jadacie started her gymnastics career at Flips in a Bees/Bunnies class at the age of 2. She became a Level 10 gymnast at Flips and went on to do gymnastics at Seattle Pacific where she earned an athletic scholarship. Jadacie loves to see the kids she coaches grow in the sport that she has always loved and enjoys sharing her passion with them.
Kylie.  ( Team Coach- Levels 3-5 and Xcel Gold, Platinum, Diamond)
Kylie was a Flips Gymnast for 11years competing for 7 of them. She loves coaching for the gym she grew up in because she gets to share her love of gymnastics in the same place it was shared with her. Hard work, dedication, and responsibility are just a few of the things that gymnastics has instilled in her that she hopes to pass on the the gymnasts that she coaches.
Lauren.   (Team Coach- Bronze and Silver Xcel)
Lauren was a competitive gymnast for 12 years and has coached at Flips since 2017.  Besides coaching gymnastics Lauren is a Kindergarten teacher at Coral Academy. Lauren loves working with kids and coaching gymnastics.
Makenna  (Level 3/4/5  & xcel Gold, Platinum, Diamond Team Coach)
Alejandra.  (Bees&Bunnies and Red Hots Instructor)
Alejandra was a gymnast when she was young and she loves coaching because she gets to make an impact on kids who are finding a love for the sport. A fun fact about Alejandra is that she has 5 siblings. 
Alexis (Recreational and Kindergym Instructor)
Alexis is a student at Reno High school and her favorite part about coaching is seeing the kids happy to learn. She was a gymnast at Flips for 7 years.
Alyssa (Recreational, Kindergym, and Boys Instructor)
Alyssa was a gymnast for about  8 years. She likes coaching because she loves impacting the kids in their lives by teaching them life lessons. Alyssa has 4 sisters and 1 brother. 
Aurora(Beginner Instructor)
Aurora has been a gymnast at Flips for 13 years. She likes coaching because she gets to help grow by learing new skills. A fun fact about Aurora is that she can speak a little bit of French and Spanish.
Bethany( Coaches Red Hots, Beginner Girls and Beginner Boys)
Bethany was a Flips Gymnast for 12 years and started coaching in High School. Her favorite part about coaching is that she gets to teach kids a sport that is fun and that she enjoys herself.
Ja'nyea(Beginner, Bronze, Silver and Gold Instructor)
Ja'nyea did gymnastics for 14 years and loves to watch kids grow and learn. She enjoys teaching her students  how to have confidence in themselves.   
Leah (Recreational Class Instructor)
Leah loves working with children and watching them improve and grow through the sport of gymnastics. She was a gymnast for 12 years before she started coaching.
Yazmin (Kindergym Instructor)
Yazmin loves working with kids and enjoys helping them improve in their basic skills. She is working towards a Bachelors degree in nueroscience with the goal of becoming a pediatric optometrist.