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Our Kindergym program is designed for boys and girls ages 2-5 to help develop muscular and cognitive awareness. We will work on fine and gross motor skills, core strength, flexibility, swell as muscle memory and body awareness. This is achieved by using various equipment and obstacle course type set ups to create confidence through repetition. Each week different music and manipulative props such as bean bags, ribbons, and lummi sticks will be used for our 10-minute movement and music part of the class. As a staff, we believe that being physically fit and active while having fun at a young age is important for the overall development of all children.
Bears & Tigers
This is a 45min class that is similar to our Bees and Bunnies class but parent participation is not required. Students will be expected to participate on their own and be able to stay within the group while following directions from an instructor. Ages 3 1/2 to 4 1/2
Bees & Bunnies
Appropriate for toddlers who are good walkers. Parent participation is required. Ages 2 1/2 - 3 1/2
In this class parents will actively engage with their children in a 45 min class that will teach coordination and motor skills.
Hot Shots
This is a 2 Hour class that is an advanced level class for our 4-6 year olds. Teacher recommendation or advancement from Super Red Hots is required.
Red Hots
This is an hour long class that focuses on each of the 4 gymnastics apparatus.
Ages 4 1/2 - 6 years old
Super Red Hots
This is an hour and a half class that is a progression from our Super Red Hot class. It is an intermediate level class for ages 4-6. Advancement from a Red Hots class or teacher recommendation is required to register
Tumble Bugs