*NEW* MIRRORS & DANCE FLOOR at Greenhouse Harlem Location!

Stephanie Guzman

"DREAM. CREATE. THRIVE". It is the very anthem which Greenhouse lives by!

2020 was a rough year for so many of us, and to this day, we still continue to navigate these tough times. Through it all, it became increasingly evident that we needed a safe space for people of all ages to come find community, express creativity, and dream. That is why even through the pandemic, founder Lauren Panzica never stopped working to make the arts accessible to everyone. She ralied the staff together, planned, hustled, and then upon the city's multi-stage reopening, Greenhouse was thrilled to annouce it's brand new space in the heart of Harlem! Our very own space that we had total control over, where we could create sanitation schedules, enforce social distancing measures, and monitor directly to create the safest place for our families.

Since that day, one year ago, it's been our dream to transform it more into a studio, complete with sprung floors, ballet bars, and mirrors. Now, thanks to a very generous donation, our studio has exactly that! And to think, our very own studio was dreamt of, materials were aquired to create the space, and now, we get to thrive in it, together. We can't wait for you to dream, create, and thrive in this space with us! We're sure that this next program year will be our best one yet.

See you in the studio!