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Hi my name is Marlayna, the name of my project is “Black Activist.” I named my project this because of the street art I took a picture of. I took a picture of this wall because those people ultimately changed the world. People like Mohammad Ali, Barack Obama and others are pictured. I think this is New York or Nowhere because of this type of street art that recognizes the different activists who made the world what it is today. (Location: Corner Social)








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Hello, my name is Kendora and my photograph is called “Closet”. It represents the average New Yorker drip and for my neighborhood, the drip is very important. Nobody has drip like us. That’s why for me, it’s New York or Nowhere. (Talent: Alysa Butler)











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Hello, my name is Makayla. The name of my photograph is “New York’s Sunset”. I took this photo to show some of the beauty New York has to share. That is why for me, it is New York or Nowhere.







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Hi my name is Asha, the name of my project is “Early New York Adventures.” The first 6 years of my life in New York City, my family didn’t have a car, so public transportation was my main way to get around. I usually took the bus and I was always super busy. The bus had gotten me from place to place in a sometimes nice, sometimes exhausting way. Public transportation helped me understand the city streets and has also helped me to see all of the things the city has to offer. That’s why for me it’s New York or Nowhere. (location: Harlem, NY)






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Hi my name is Alysa and my video is called “20 Questions About New York.” It’s a New York parody of Vogue 73 Questions. My video is me interviewing my friends about their experiences and opinions of New York. Through all of our answers, you can see why for us, it’s “New York of Nowhere.”





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Hey, my name is Ethan, and the name of my photograph is “Juntos”. These photographs represent the happiness and joy that we have as a family here in New York, meaning the things we can see in New York and the areas we see as a family. It also represents the community that I have in New York, including my cousins, the people that support me, and the people I’ve yet to meet. My community is very special to me. This is why for me, it’s New York or Nowhere.