Swimmer(s) Obligations: Below is a listing of general team rules, behavioral expectations, and penalties.    

  • Use of tobacco, underage consumption of alcohol, or use of an illegal drug will result in immediately removal from the program without refund of fees.

  • A swimmer who physically or verbally abuses another team member, parent, coach, or swimming facility employee will receive a one-week suspension, and a letter will be send to his or her parents. A second offense will result in immediate removal from the program without refund of fees.

  • While on deck, the swimmer will respect all the rules that adhere to that facility. That includes respect for employees, officials, and coaches as well as the physical structure.

  • While using a locker room, respect others’ property as you should respect your own. This includes not only personal items, but also the building itself. Horseplay is inappropriate. Remember that we are guests at the Rec Center.

  • At practices, we expect the same sportsperson-like conduct that is expected at meets. Arrive on time and be ready to practice! If you are unable to complete a particular practice set, you must move out of the way so as to not interfere with those completing the set. Notify your coach before practice begins of any condition(s) that might restrict your ability during that practice.

  • At swim meets, please remember that you represent the team. Report to your coach at the proper warm-up times, stay in the team area, cheer for other swimmers, and make sure that you report to the blocks on time for each event. Be sure to speak to your coach immediately before and after each event to assess strategies and receive critiques.