Each Makos Family is required to work Three sessions per club meet held at Miami University. Your assistance is crucial to the success of these club activities. By participating, you have an opportunity to meet other swim team families, get to know the Makos team members and show active support for your child’s swimming efforts. Below is a description of volunteer options offered by the Makos.


Lane Timers: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet. You must attend the timer’s meeting, please listen for the announcement. Lanes are assigned during the timers meeting. You will time a lane for the entire session. One timer will use a stop watch and plunger for each race and the other will use the plunger and record the watch time.  There will be relief timers available for breaks, please take a break when needed.  The timer with the clipboard needs to check & make sure the swimmers are behind the blocks and in the correct order.  Ask their name before they step onto the block to make sure it’s the correct swimmer for that heat.  If there is no swimmer swimming, but there is a name, put NS.  Also, please keep track of how many laps the swimmer will be swimming so you know when to stop your watch & plunger.  Please only write down the watch time; you do not need to put down the scoreboard time.  Lane timers are assigned for 1 complete session.

Marshall: Please arrive at the start of the warm ups for the session you have signed up to Marshall. A Marshall’s job is to maintain order on the pool deck, enforce pool rules, and make sure there are no issues in the Locker Rooms. Marshals are assigned for 1 complete session.  

Thank you for your support to our program.

Coach Chris