Ridge Run Vaulters

Ridge Run Vaulters is a non-profit American Vaulting Association member club.  Please click here to visit the AVA website for general information about equestrian vaulting and competitions.   Our club team practices alongside regular classes in a "one room schoolhouse" format.  In this manner the more experienced members can mentor the newer participants.  There is no age minimum or limit.  No previous horse, dance or gymanstics experience is required.    No one is required to compete, but we encourage end of session performances for family and friends - with or without fancy music, with or without being "dressed up".    Refreshments in the tack room are provided by the Club as a fundraiser.  Kindly consider donating to the club to support future equipment and travel expenses.

First timers may join us for just $15 during any of our 90 minute group lessons. Contact Cathy Ward for more information or to RSVP!