Ridge Run Vaulters

Ridge Run Vaulters is a non-profit American Vaulting Association member club happy to share their love of vaulting through Ridge Run Equestrian Vaulting Lessons.  Please click here to visit the AVA website for general information about equestrian vaulting and competitions.   Our club team practices alongside regular Leveled classes in a "one room schoolhouse" format, where appropriate.  In this manner the more experienced members can mentor the newer participants.  There is no age minimum or limit, but we ask those under age 9 to participate with their adult, parent-child style.  


Pre-Level 1 Introductory class for first timers who would like to join a Level 1 group class with a horse or those unsure about vaulting on a live horse and want to stay on the barrel.   Introduction to individual and pair (partner) barrel skills, 1* compulsory and freestyle. Games plus horse safety and meet & greet! Under age 9 must participate parent-child style with parent alongside the child (not in the viewing room).  Register only the child!  Sign up is weekly.  

Level 1  Easy Walk through preliminary trot compulsory and freestyle skills on the horse plus easy individual compulsory and freestyle skills on the barrel.  Introduction to easy barrel pairs moves, 1* compulsory routine and freestyle routine starters on barrel and horse.  Vaulting on the horse is part of this experience, but optional!  Under age 9 must participate parent-child style with parent alongside the child (not in the viewing room).  Register only the child!  Please note there are several "no class days" for Sunday participants due to vaulting competitions and clinics.  Competition season is March-October. Your fee will be pro-rated at registration for class and you will not be charged for these missed days.  Level 1 students will be invited to participate in off-site clinics or attend competitions as spectators (additional fees charged by event host).

Level 2  Learn medium difficulty freestyle moves as an individual or pair.  Perform 1* complusories at trot and novice canter.  Master moves to create an individual freestyle routine for the barrel and horse. Introduction to team barrel freestyle and pairs routines on the barrel through horse at the walk.

Performance Team Prep (all levels) Prepare to polish skills learned in Level 1 and 2 skills classes and put them to music, or expand your horizons and perform with a partner or small group!  Concurrent or previous experience in a Level 1 or 2 skill class is required.  ALL participants are eligible to participate as a member of Ridge Run Vaulters in virtual, regional, and national competitions or attend skills clinics hosted by our American Vaulting Association Region X.

Open Vaulting (all levels). Practice skills learned on the barrel or in class under supervision of Ridge Run Vaulting coaching staff.  


Our Goals

  • Safety and positive encouragement in both life and sport
  • Growth in personal confidence, responsibility, team work, horsemanship and physical fitness
  • Learn to set and achieve goals: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely


Why Vaulting?

No prior experience with horse, dance or gymnastics necessary!  Just a love for the sport.  Vaulting combines horsemanship, athleticism, and artistry for both individuals and teams.  Vaulting promotes flexibility, balance, rhythm, and harmony with the horse.  During the lesson the horse is controlled by a handler (lounger), and the vaulter is taught and assisted by the coach.  This gives the vaulter confidence and security as they try new moves.  Even the beginning vaulter is able to master several exercises in the first lesson, fostering a sense of accomplishment.  As vaulters progress, greater physical training will be required for further mastery of both compulsory and freestyle moves.  Vaulting calls for suppleness, strength, and mental discipline in increasing amounts as vaulters grow in their sport.  Vaulting offers creative expression through music interpretation and uniform design.  Teamwork is emphasized both in warm-up, training, and the development of team freestyle routines. 


Vaulting Lesson Content

  • Ground work, stretching, strength training
  • Practice on the vaulting barrel/“fake practice horse”
  • Vaulting on a moving horse
  • Working with a partner or small group



  • $15 drop-in (no horse) $20 drop-in (with horse) Dec  - April. Regular classes with session-long rates available year-round.  Indoor classes held at the Ridge Run Main House or in partnership with the Greater Toledo YMCA Gymnastics Center.


Get Involved!

Ridge Run Vaulters, an American Vaulting Association Member Club, is seeking new members and parent volunteers.  Everyone can vault!  Opportunities to attend vaulting skills clinics given by regional coaches, or travel to Regional and National competitions on the barrel, horse, or both, begin with Level 1 skills!  Follow our adventures on Instagram @rrvaulters