Welcome to Ridge Run's Private Group Horse Events!

Events are available each month on a Saturdays and Sundays. Your 2 hour event includes a group game and warm up, lessons on Horse Sense, grooming, a craft, a mini-riding lesson, time to try equestrian vaulting on the barrel and horse, and a group photo op. Up to 8 participants the fee is $250, 9-12 participants the fee is $350. Scout groups and other non-profit organizations are required to pay the deposit, but will receive a discount off the group fees. Groups are responsible for maintaining leader:scout ratios throughout the event. Badges and patches are the responsibiility of the event host (troop/group leader). A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date.

A small fridge is provided for refreshments as well as a hand washing station. A small standing table is provided for crafts and refreshments. If a full size table an chairs is desired, or if refreshments are preferred outside in the grass, we request at least 48 hours notice. Kindly refrain from balloons, but all other decorations are allowed in the tack room area if secured by "blue tape". Long-term parking is available at the barn and along the treeline side of the gravel road. For fire safety reasons, please do not park long term in the paved driveway by the house or on more than one side of the gravel road

On the day of your event, please arrive on time but no more than 5 minutes before your event, dressed in easy to remove layers for the weather, and ready to ride rain or shine! There will be someone to greet you at the office, which is located at the main house, garage side. Short-term parking is welcome along the paved driveway. There's a place to sit and fill out extra waivers for everyone visiting Ridge Run immediately at the side entrance door while the children enjoy the playset. Please allow the staff to greet you there and take any additional payment. If there is need of a restroom, you may find one next to the white garage, near the barn. In the case of rain, we will all use the "man door" to enter the barn and wait behind the blue rope on the chairs provided, inside.

Closed toe shoes with a small heel are required to ride in a saddle on horseback.  A required ASTM approved riding helmet may be borrowed from the school. Many riders prefer to wear tight fitting jeans or leggings. Non-riding leggings may feel a little slippery in the saddle. Riding gloves make for more confident hands, but are optional. Equestrian vaulters, on the barrel or horseback, are asked to wear sneakers, old dance shoes or socks. Helmets are not worn for vaulting activities beyond the basic seat.  Be prepared for both riding and vaulting-related activities!

Spectators are welcome! There is limited space to settle in and watch the activities in the indoor ring. A heated viewing space is where many choose to enjoy the view.  ALL visitors are considered participants in equine activities regardless of how they interact with the horses at the barn. ALL visitors to Ridge Run must sign a liability release waiver. It not only covers enjoyment of the horses, but also the playset and pond for those waiting. Download a copy and bring it with you to save time on the day of your event!

Drop-offs are allowed at the discretion of the event host (contracting party). The event host is responsible for obtaining necessary emergency contact information for each guest attending, including relevant medical information. A sign-out sheet for day-of name and phone number of the guests' responsible party may be provided for your convenience. Remind guests that GPS will make it look like the barn is in the neighborhood next door. Rest assured, the barn entrance is on Hull Prairie Road with a tree lined drive and pond. There is a small Ridge Run sign in the wildflower bed at the entrance.
Looking forward to meeting your group! Please don't hesitate to ask questions as group event reservations are a two step process: 1) Select and reserve your date with $50 deposit, 2) Pay for your participants $200-$300 depending on number.