Joshua Briley

- Co Owner

- Choreographer

- Tumbling Director


Joshua started cheerleading at Richland High School in North Richland Hills, TX in 2000-2002. After high

school cheerleading he joined an All-Star team at Texas Tumblers/Texas Star Cheer Company in 2002-2004.

While competing on their Small Senior Coed team he started his passion in coaching at the same time.

From 2007-2012 Joshua helped with the opening and growth of United All-Stars in Keller and Arlington, Texas

as a Tumbling coach, Stunt coach, All-Star Cheerleading coach and Facility Director.

From 2012-2014 he went on to work for ASI Gymnastics in Keller, Texas as a Cheerleading coach, Gymnastics

coach and Facility Director.

On May 1st, 2014 Joshua moved to Oklahoma and spent a year working for Twist and Shout as a Tumbling

Coach and Facility Director.

On May 1st, of 2015 he helped with the opening of Oklahoma Spirit Academy, also winning back to back state

titles with Carl Albert High School and Carl Albert Middle Schools 10th consecutive  National Championship.

After a year as a coach and facility director, Joshua and Deonne King took ownership of Oklahoma Spirit Academy

L.L.C. and have continued to rebuild and grow the business to what it is today.

After 18 years in cheerleading Joshua has coached camps and clinics all over the United States and

Internationally. He has also cheered on 4 Worlds teams (Champion Cheer Phoenix 2014, 2015, Tribe

Tomahawks 2017 and Cheers & More Revolve 2018) and also helped working to build the website in 2006

which traveled all over the United States recording and promoting the best cheer athletes in the World.

“Throughout my 18 years in the cheerleading industry I have meet some of the most amazing people, co workers,

family and friends. I have also learned so many lessons in leadership, communication and life in general that I will

continue to use and grow on as I build our business to it’s highest potential.”

Deonne King

- Co Owner

- Choreographer

- All Star Director


Chris Lowrie

- Tumbling Manager

- All Star & School Team Coach

- Facility Manager


Christopher "Kris" Lowrie started tumbling at age 10 in the backyard. At age 15 Kris started free tumbling lessons at Odyssey

Cheer and Athletics in Arlington TX.  " My coach told me that I would go further in life if I decided to tumble instead of

skateboard.  He cracked my board in half and said I will never need it again!"

One year later Kris started coaching tumbling classes and his first All- Star team in 2005 at Pride All-Stars in Dallas,TX.

After one season Kris decided he was ready for a real cheer team and tried out a Cheer Athletics. He also decided to become

a school cheerleader being the first male cheerleader in Summit High School history.

Kris became apart of the world renown Lg. Coed Lv 5  The Wildcats.  Kris stayed for 4 years and won two World

Championship's, 2 NCA Titles, and even cross competed the last two years for Med Coed Pumas where he

won another NCA title.

Brylee Hinson

- Social Media Manager

- All Star & School Coach

- Tumbling Coach

Haleigh Scott

- All Star & School Coach

- Tumbling Coach