We are excited to announce our 2nd online Capoeira Instructor course lead by Mestre Cueca, scheduled to start on August 31st 2020. Together with Mestre Edan, Mestre Cueca successfully created many ground breaking and innovative teaching techniques that sparked the growth and foundation of the Russian/Israeli Centres for Capoeira Cordão de Ouro, one of the most successful schools in the world with thousands of students all over the world. They have created a very unique course that is specific for teachers who are looking for new tools and innovative teaching methods for teaching Capoeira to people of all ages, sizes and backgrounds, regardless of previous experience, in a fun, safe and healthy way. The implementation of the information learned from this course will naturally lead to an increase in students at your school as well as improve retention of current students. The program is laid out in an organized manner that provides guidance, methodology and support for the long term development of the students and teachers at your academy. This course has been for many years the foundation to successfully create professional and charismatic teachers who are the bedrock that supports our capoeira communities and positively impacting thousands of lives all over the world.

We believe that you will find the course invaluable for your day to day capoeira teachings. The main idea and goal of the course is to enable more teachers from around the world to have access to the knowledge that will help kick start a teaching revolution that will set up capoeira for its next wave of growth around the world.


ABOUT THE COURSE: Mestre Cueca has been teaching the in-class Instructor course since 1999 and has personally certified hundreds of teachers around the world. Mestre Cueca is now ready to start teaching the course in an ONLINE format where he will be passing and sharing his knowledge, experiences and mentorship by connecting with different Capoeira communities ONLINE.

The 10 week Course(August 31st- November 9th) will be divided to 4 distinct categories, and will run via online Audio, video and PDF classes prepared by Mestre Cueca. A unique advantage of this course is the ability to review the materials over and over from the comfort your home and at your own time and pace, making it more efficient.

On the last week of the course there will be a practical and theoretical test. The Participants of the course will be asked to submit videos.

Upon successful completion of the program you will receive the online level 1 certification. Although in North America we do not require a certificate in order to rent studio space and teach Capoeira, unlike our Instructor friends in Israel, This certificate grants automatic access to the live course material around the world with no need to test again.



*To gain useful knowledge and experience that will help you further your capoeira teachings and enhance your school?s development of students and teachers.

*To learn more about the unique methodology and educational tools which have been developed for the last 28 years by Israel?s&Russian?s Centers for Capoeira and has been taught to hundreds of Capoeira teachers all over the world.

*To enable more teachers from around the world to have access to this knowledge and to kick start a teaching revolution that will set up Capoeira for its next wave of growth in our cities. 

*To have open access to the online materials which offers the opportunity for teachers to review the materials over and over in the comfort of their homes and in their free time. Due to some of the information being a little complex, being able to go over the course materials on a regular basis is vital to help fully understand the course and build a strong foundation of knowledge. 


Course structure: 

The online course will include about 60% of the materials usually taught in the classroom practical Instructor?s course.

Every week is divided into 4 topics:

1) Mindset- coaching and psychology for teachers. 

2) Methodology (10 teaching skills that create the fundamental tool box).

3) Physical- complete breakdown of all basic capoeira techniques with many ideas and tips on how to teach them better. 

4) Music- breakdown of all instruments and rhythms to better understand how to practice and teach music to our students, and the construction of a good Roda.


The 10 week Instructor course will require an average commitment of 3 hours per week. This time will be invested into personal study of the materials provided before each week, group meetings/Q&A sessions on whatsapp during the week, and then submissions of assignments to our private Facebook group where you will receive mentorship and feedback exchange from Mestre Cueca and our virtual community. We will also have 3 live webinar sessions via zoom on the 3rd, 6th and 9th weeks of the program.


Who is the course for?

- For experienced instructors who are in search of new approaches and fresh perspectives on the art of teaching Capoeira.

- For beginnier instructors who already have some practical experience and looking to add more tools to the toolkit.

- For advanced students who want to become a successful Capoeira teacher or assistant instructor with structured methods.



The cost of the usual in-classroom practical Instructor course in Israel costs over 3000$USD and spanning over 1 month and over 250 hours, but in light of the Covid 19 situation and thanks to our ability to connect with Teachers all over the world via the internet, we want to make this online course more accessible and affordable so all of us can give back and support our Capoeira communities during these challenging times.

Early bird(registration completed BEFORE August 26th) registration fee is 265$CAD or 200$USD.

Regular (registration completed AFTER August 26th) is $300 CAD or $230 USD.

Registration is not open. Please come back later.