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Coach David Tambuwun Named One of Top 10 Group Coaches of the Year by the American Swimming Coaches Association

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Announced by Fitter and Faster and ASCA
Congratulations to the following outstanding coaches who will be honored at the 2022 ASCA World Clinic Awards Banquet on September 8 at the Las Vegas Westgate Resort and Casino.  
The national Fitter and Faster/ASCA Coach of the Year for 2022 will be revealed on September 8 at the banquet.  For more information on the ASCA World Clinic go to  www.ascaworldclinic.com
The Top 10 coaches were selected based on USA Swimming’s National Rankings data for 12 and under swimmers. Coaches received bonus points for number of #1 rankings, for number of different swimmers ranked, and for number of total rankings.  
We are proud to present the following Top 10 Age Group Coaches of the Year for 2022 (in alphabetical order by first name):


Allison Brol - Nitro Swimming - ST

Andrew Marsh - Lakeside Aquatic Club - NT

Brian Pajer - Aquazot Swim Club - CA

Bruce Brockschmidt - Jersey Wahoos - MA

David Tambuwun - Pleasanton Seahawks - PC

Gabriela Sophia - Long Island Aquatic Club - MR

Joe Finke - St. Petersburg Aquatics - FL

MC Banks - NOVA of Virginia Aquatics, Inc - VA

Rod Hansen - Irvine Novaqutics - CA

Tom Himes - North Baltimore Aquatic Club - MD

Data compiled by Guy Edson for the American Swimming Coaches Association.