Rosters of Officials

Roster Updates (updated 05/04/2024) 

First, I'd like to thank everyone for your patience wading through inaccuracies in the roster.  There rosters previously required mostly manual updates which was very problematic.  Changes in reports coming from OTS contributed to the challenge.  This week, time was spent to remove as much of the manual process as possible.  As a result, it made sense to make adjustments to the format of the reports to better convey information.  Here's a quick summary of the field updates:

  • Official - This now contains the feed from USAS of the form "<last name>, <preferred name>"
  • First Name and Last Name - These are the official's birth / legal name
  • Dates - dates highlighted in
    • red indicates expired
    • yellow indicates expiration within the next 60 days.
  • Positions - expiration for each of the positions is now shown.  This was done to show any inconsistencies where someone's S&T expiration may not match one for another position, such as starter.  Each position is followed by a -A (apprentice) or -C (certified).
    • ​AO - administrative official
    • CJ - chief judge
    • DR - deck referee/referee/meet referee
    • OR - open-water referee
    • SR - starter
    • ST - stroke & turn

Referees, we are in the process of fully moving over to Office 365 for all of our file hosting.  You should have received an email invitation to the private roster - access to the email address tied to your USAS account is active.  Both the Google Sheet and the Office 365 Excel will both be updated through 8/31/2024.

If you notice any errors that I may have overlooked, please email Nick Siripipat.

Public Roster

Public roster (updated 05/04/2024) 

Note: to download, click on the above link, go to File -> Save As -> Download a Copy

PNS-only Roster

Google Sheet Private roster with contact information (to be retired 8/31/2024) (Updated 05/04/2024)

Office 365 Private roster (Updated 05/04/2024)

Attention all Referees!!!

National Credentials

USA-S National Certifications (updated 04/29/2024)