When Should My Swimmer wear a Technical Suit?

Tech Suits are a special kind of racing suit designed to be worn at select meets.  These meets are typically championship, prelim/finals, or qualifier meets where the swimmer has been training and working with coaches for several months and is now in the mental mindset of racing.  As the material of the suit is not meant to withstand hundreds of swims, tech suits are not designed for everyday use.  If you are interested in additional detail, please click HERE for an article with more specifics regarding technical suits. 

As a general rule, MAKO Swimming neither expects nor encourages swimmers to purchase technical suits.  As of September 2020, USA Swimming has restricted all technical suits for 12 & under swimmers, unless they are competing at a National Championship level meet.  Please click HERE for Potomac Valley Swimming’s excellent explanation of technical suits and why they are not appropriate for younger swimmers.  Please click HERE to read an article by USA Swimming discussing the new rule and clarifying which suits are approved for 12&under swimmers.  Suits with the FINA logo that  are approved for age groupers (and there aren’t many of them) will have a logo with a green check mark.  Below are complete lists of the suits that will be restricted for athletes 12 and under, and then a list of those tech suits that will be allowed for athletes 12 and under:

In addition - click HERE for a great video discussing the new technical suit guidance.

MAKO Swimming supports the PVS technical suit guidelines and only wants MAKO swimmers to wear technical suits at meets specified by MAKO coaches.  A general guideline is for all swimmers to talk to their MAKO coach before wearing a technical suit at a meet.

NOTE:  Although the ISCA/NCSA meets that MAKO travels to are often referred to as "Junior Nats" or "Junior Nationals," they will not qualify for the exception to the rule.  Twelve and under athletes will not be allowed to wear "tech" suits at these ISCA/NCSA meets or any PVS meets after 9/1/2020.

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