Barracudas 2021 End of Summer

Good afternoon, Barracudas!

What a wonderful team banquet we had last month. It was so fun gather and celebrate a successful season! Thank you all for the wonderful gifts for the coaches and parent reps!

A little housekeeping before we sign off for a while…

28 – We have 28 trophies from the banquet that have yet to be picked up. These have your swimmer’s names on them. These can be found in the lifeguard room at the pool.

9 – There are still 9 families who have yet to pick up their swim orders from May. These items can also be found in the lifeguard room at the pool. Your family name is on the bag with your order. Any items left after Sept 1st will be considered a donation to the team.

Information about the 2022 season will come out early next year with registration opening April 1st, 2022. 

Thank you again, Barracudas families! 

Tracy & Elaine