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All-City Swim Meet 2023 at Goodman

All-City 2023 Swim Meet is scheduled for Thursday-Saturday, July 27-29 and will be hosted at our very own Goodman Pool! 

The All-City Swim meet is a three-day event hosts over 2,000 swimmers and 6,000 spectators, and is one of the nation’s largest outdoor amateur swim meets. Each pool in the league hosts the meet once every 13 years, and Goodman is so excited that it is finally our turn.  

The Goodman Waves Swim Team is one of 13 teams participating in the Madison All-City Swim League. The Waves are a summer recreational team that compete in 7 dual/triple meets. The season ends with the All-City Swim meet where all 13 teams compete in a three-day swim meet. Swimmers must have competed in three dual/triple meets to participate in All City.

Volunteer at All City
What to Expect at the All City Swim Meet
Event Timeline
During All City
Useful Terminology

Volunteering at All-City

In order to pull off this tremendous event, we will need your help even if your child does not plan to participate in the All-City Swim meet. For that reason, Wave parents will be required to sign-up for 3 shifts per parent during the event week . Working additional shifts will help the team even more.
Since volunteering is required to host All-City Swim, athletes will not be allowed to participate in practice or meets until mandatory family volunteer sign-ups are complete. 
When you registered, you were asked to sign   the Volunteer Agreement   and read over the Volunteer Requirements Letter   please read it over if you have any questions. If your family has extenuating circumstances that prevent you from volunteering these days, please email Donna Wong, Volunteer Chair, at [email protected] as soon as possible so that we may find something else for you to do to fulfill your volunteer requirements. We will do our best to accommodate families with special needs or in special circumstances, while at the same time being fair to everyone who volunteers. It is imperative that we have all hands on deck to ensure a fun, safe All-City Swim meet.

What to Expect at All-City Swim Meet

For new swimmers and their families, All City can seem overwhelming, however, the event is really well run and loads of fun. This should provide some helpful information to ensure that All City is fun! If you are running late or sick let your coach know via text.

Event Timeline

Check the All City schedule and psych sheets for specific races and times (when available).

  • Thursday, July 27 -- 11 & up Individual prelim events and Senior recognition
  • Friday, July 28 -- 10 & under Individual prelim events and 8 & under relays
  • Saturday, July 29 -- All ages Individual final events, 9 & up relays and Unified swim

All relays are finals. 


All City Swim Meet website
Use our website and the All-City (AC) website for most of your information. Check back frequently for updates. The AC website includes a volunteer information, schedule of events, psych sheets, maps, results and usually live streaming video for those who can’t make it to All City.

Signing Up
Each swimmer swims two individual events and two relays (we hope two as this depends on the number of our swimmers competing).

Warm Ups & Tour 
Attend the All-City warm ups at the host pool. Typically held on the Sunday prior to All City, each team has a scheduled time for warm ups. Warm ups allow swimmers to get a feel for the pool including diving depths and stroke counts. Families are given a tour of the grounds. Attending this alone can help a lot in alleviating anxiety about what to expect.

During All-City Meet

Warm Ups
TBD 6:00 am - 6:30 am at Goodman Pool on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Only attend days you are swimming. No warm-ups at host pool.

Tent City
Each team has a large tent for swimmers and families to hang out in between events and keep belongings. Along with typical items brought to a swim meet, feel free to bring chairs or blankets.

  • Remember to clean up after yourself!
  • Share the space!

Clerk of Course
Announcements are made in tent city about first and final call for reporting to the clerk, but don’t wait until the final call to race to the clerk.

  • All swimmers must report to Clerk of Course well in advance of their race.
  • All relay teams must go to Clerk as a team. Plan to meet up with your relay in the Goodman tent before walking over to Clerk. They MUST check in together with a relay card, and usually with a coach.
  • Swimmers should use the restroom before heading to Clerk.
  • Only bring cap and goggles.
  • Note that parents are not allowed in the Clerk of Course.

Meet Timeline
Check the AC website for a timeline. Swimmers who don’t swim first thing in the morning, don’t have to come first thing. But make sure to arrive at the pool in time for your afternoon races. No warm-ups at host pool.

Heat Sheet 
Separate heat sheets are sold for each day and run about $5 and are extremely useful. The heat sheet help you keep track of your swimmer and their teammates. Bring a highlighter to keep track of your swimmer and other Waves swimmers so you can cheer in the stands!

Adult's Job

  • Keep track of your kids.
  • Mark kids of 10 & under swimmers with their events, heat and lane assignments. Kids aged 10 & under who are not marked will not be admitted into clerk of course. 
  • Help your kids get to Clerk of Course on time. Kids tend to run around and have a good time. There will be hundreds of swimmers there for prelims and well over 1,000 on Saturday, so finding your little swimmer can be nerve-wracking.
  • Keep your swimmers relaxed between events so they don’t burn out before their swims. Bring cards, games like Apples to Apples, crafts, stuff for hair braiding, etc. to do in between events. Hanging out in the tents is one of the best parts of All City.

Individual events on Thursday and Friday are prelims and individual finals take place on Saturday. All relays are final events.

Did I make Finals?
The top 16 (8-lane pools) or top 18 (6 -ane pools) individual preliminary events, go on to swim in the finals on Saturday.

Swimmers who place 17 or 18 (8-lane pools) or 19 or 20 (6-lane pools) are Alternates in the race and should be prepared to swim in finals.

There are tons of swimmers at All City, some are VERY fast and swim year round, so don’t feel discouraged. You are a superstar even if you don’t make the finals. The expectation is to swim your best, try for a personal best and above all, HAVE FUN!

Participation awards are available to all swimmers. Check the awards table to get yours.

  • Medals for 1 - 3rd place
  • Ribbons for 4th - 16th/18th (8-lane/6-lane pool respectivally)
  • Heat winner ribbons are given for each heat

Useful Terminology

Psych Sheets
A psych sheet is an official entry form that ranks swimmers by event and time.

Swimmer Seeding 
Preliminary events on Friday and Saturday are usually wedge seeded with the fastest swimmers in last heat. During finals, the fastest swimmers are distributed, circle seeding, throughout the heats. Remind your swimmers that they are racing against the clock and should swim as fast as they can, and not only as fast as the swimmer in the next lane.