It's our turn! This summer the Goodman Waves will host our first ever All-City Swim meet. This three-day event hosts over 2,000 swimmers and 6,000 spectators, and is one of the nation’s largest outdoor amateur swim meets. Each pool in the league hosts the meet once every 13 years.
In order to pull off this tremendous event, Wave parents will be required to sign-up for 3 shifts per parent during the event week regardless if your child participates in the All-City Swim meet. All net proceeds will go to our team so working additional shifts will help the team even more. Since volunteering is required to host All-City Swim, athletes will not be allowed to participate in practice or meets until mandatory family volunteer sign-ups are complete.  
When you registered, you were asked to sign the Volunteer Agreement and read over the Volunteer Requirements Letter  please read it over if you have any questions.  If your family has extenuating circumstances that prevent you from volunteering these days, please email Donna Wong, Volunteer Chair, at [email protected] as soon as possible so that we may find something else for you to do to fulfill your volunteer requirements. We will do our best to accommodate families with special needs or in special circumstances, while at the same time being fair to everyone who volunteers. It is imperative that we have all hands on deck to ensure a fun, safe All-City Swim meet.

Other great reasons to volunteer at All-City?
  • All-City T-shirt proving you were there and volunteered!
  • Easy entry and access to the swim meet meaning you easily get to see your swimmer.
  • The privilege of volunteering in one of the largest outdoor All-City swim meet in the country!  Over 2,000 swimmers participate!
  • Umm, it's so much FUN!