Equipment and Gear

Essential Gear

Here's what your swimmer will need, gear-wise.  All items can be purchased through our team store at  Buying through our store link gives money back to the team, their shipping is super fast, and returns/exchanges are easy.

  1. Swimsuit -  A must!  While many of the kids will outgrow the team suit before it wears out, it might also be a good idea to have a practice suit so that one can always be ready for practice.  Boys need jammers, which are like bike shorts.  Girls need one piece suits with two shoulder straps.  Good economical brands are Sporti and need to spend a ton on the big names.
    Our team suit is the Sporti Molecule in Navy/Gold.  Suit sizes are based on waist, so measure the kids around their waist and order the closest number.  They should be snug, because they'll loosen in the water and may lose some elasticity over the course of the season.  If in doubt you can go to Dick's or Disco Sports to try on a few, but prices will be better online.  Make sure to check the size chart to see if your swimmer needs the Youth suit or the regular ("adult") suit.  Sporti suits do run a little big, so you might want to consider sizing down (or even order two sizes, and return one once you've gotten the size figured out).
  2. Goggles -  The options in the goggle section can be overwhelming.  The most important factor is that they need to cover only the eyes, not the nose.  Kids will inevitably lose at least one pair of goggles (probably in the first week of practice!), so buy a couple pairs of inexpensive ones rather than one more costly pair.  We have a couple inexpensive pairs in our store.  One popular option is the Sporti Antifog Snapper Jr.   Make sure to mark your goggles with a name or other identifying mark, so when they get left behind we can get them back to the correct swimmer.
  3. Swim Cap -  This is an optional item.  A latex cap is provided as part of registration for each swimmer, but you might want to consider a silicone cap as well for practices.  Silicone is more comfortable to wear and lasts longer without ripping.  We also may have some Hammerhead silicone caps available for purchase.  The team swim caps will be handed out at practice.
  4. Other supplies:   Towel, of course!   Water bottle, especially as we get into warmer weather.   Sunscreen!