Coaches Meals...Take Them a Meal

Oceana Man-O- Wars Swim Team

We have given some thought on how we can increase our community team involvement. Let's take care of our coaches by bringing them a meal during your swimmer's practice time.

Your donation for the evening will count as one service hour towards your required 5 service hours. Please note that we still need your support on the pool deck during meets so ONE service hour is the maximum a family can receive for their meal donation. Please feel free to donate more than once especially if you see an opening. The coaches do appreciate your generosity.

Let's show our appreciation and support by helping our Coaches get a good meal during swim practice. This is strictly voluntary, but greatly appreciated! We have 8 coaches, plus our 2 Team Reps. Ideas such as sandwiches, salads, wraps, BLT's, pasta salads, homemade chili, crockpot meals or ANYTHING is greatly appreciated. If you see that someone is bringing a dish on a certain night, feel free to add a side or dessert or ice tea or just lend a hand if you don't have time to make a meal.

No PICKLES for Coach James!!!

Please bring your food to whatever time slot your swimmer's scheduled for practice and we will set up on the right side of concession window.

Please bring enough to feed 9.

Paper products (plates/bowls/silverware/ napkins/cups) will be provided.

If your food needs serving ware please bring what is needed along.

Again thank you Oceana Man O Wars parents!!!