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2024 Swim Team Practices 









While Prince George's County schools are in session we will be holding after-school practices.

These practices will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from May 28th to June 17th.



These are listed on the calendar on our team website. The practices will be:

4:30-5:30 pm (12 under and newer swimmers)

5:30-6:30 pm (13 over and more advanced swimmers)

Depending on the size of our practices and the ability of your swimmers, we may decide to move some kids into different practice times.


Junior Swim Team practices start on Monday, June 17th at 8:00 am.


**We are introducing Dryland for ALL Swim Team (except for Jr Swim Team) groups this year. An introductory version of this will start week 1 during afternoon practices. Please bring appropriate shoes daily. See below.


Please be sure your swimmers are punctual and prepared (suit, goggles, towel, cap, and plenty of water). New skills and training will be taught daily, and it may be difficult for your swimmer to improve without consistent attendance.

Dryland gym shoes- (NO flip flops, crocs, slippers, etc.)

Pool shoes (deck shoes after swim)-Flip flops, crocs, slippers, etc. are acceptable.


What is Dryland and what are the benefits for swimming? 


Dryland in swimming might sound like a contradiction, but it’s a crucial component of a well-rounded training routine. As a swimmer, you’re no stranger to spending hours in the pool perfecting your technique and building endurance. However, doing some training on dry land (i.e. outside of the water) can improve your swimming performance and reduce your risk of injury.


By integrating dryland exercises into your routine, you’ll not only see improvements in your overall physical mobility but also gain a competitive edge during your swim meets.


When the morning practices begin on June 17 the full Dryland practices will begin daily except for Funday Friday.




The summer morning schedule will begin Monday, June 17th.

There will no afternoon practices after June 14th 


Morning Practice for Dryland and Swim information


For the 12 under and newer swimmers we will do a few stretches and introduce some healthy age-appropriate workouts for the first 10-15 minutes of practice before entering the water. This should help them wake up and be warmed up to start swimming training. Please bring appropriate gym shoes each day along with your daily swimming practice necessities listed above. If you have equipment (**fins or pull buoys) please bring them daily. **Not necessary to purchase if you do not have those items**


For the 13 and more advanced swimmers please arrive daily by 8:30 am (Except Funday Fridays).  Each day we will be teaching different stretches and strength conditioning workouts that will help to improve your swim training.  Some of these will be done out of the pool and some will be incorporated into your swim sets.  Please bring appropriate gym shoes EVERY DAY along with an extra towel or yoga mat if available **Not necessary to purchase if you do not have a yoga mat**  


Because of uncontrollable weather conditions or changes to daily practice sets we could switch days for dryland and aqua aerobic sets.  Please come prepared daily for any possible situation.  Please also remember to bring your daily swim practice necessities listed above. If you have equipment (**fins or pull buoys) please bring them daily. **Not necessary to purchase if you do not have those items**


**If you wish to opt of these Dryland practices, please let us know as quickly as possible**


June 17th until July 14th (Monday-Friday) Practice Times

8:00 am-8:45 am Junior swim team

8:00 am-9:00 am (12 under and newer swimmers)

9:00 am-10:00 am (13 over and more advanced swimmers) **Arrive by 8:30 am for Dryland.

July 15th-19th Practice for Divisional swimmers only.

July 22nd-26th Practice All-Star swimmers only