Bat Rays

The Bat Rays is part of the Stingray Age Group Swimming Program. Bat Ray Swimmers have learned the 4 competitive strokes and basic swim skills and are now progressing into the next phase of their swimming. Bat Rays participate in Junior Olympic and State Level Competitions as well as smaller local level meets. 


Practice Schedule (See the Practice Schedule & Fees Tab for Up to Date Practice Times)

Year-Round Bat Rays practice 5x/week for 1 Hour 15 Minutes/practice


Group Equipment

The Basics: Swim Suit, goggles, swim cap, and a water bottle

Swim Gear: Long Fins + Kickboard (optional but recommended) + Snorkel + Pull Buoy + (2) tennis balls + (Recommended but not required) Mesh Equipment Bag

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Eligibility for Bat Rays

Swimmers must complete the following to the coaches' satisfaction to join the Bat Rays:​

  1. ​Ability to demonstrate a legal 50yd of each of the competitive stroke, and a 100yd Freestyle and Individual Medley (IM). 
  2. Achieve a "B" Time Standard in 3 or more events


Moving Up to the Next Group

For swimmers to move up to the Manta Rays group, they must meet the following criteria:​

  1. Legal competition of 100 yards or meters of each of the 4 strokes, plus 200 yards or meters of Freestyle and Individual Medley (IM).

Swimmers are only allowed to move between groups at the end of one season and the beginning of the next. Late March to early April is the first such period. Late July to early August is the next such period. The purpose of this is to ensure that swimmers who move up are fully prepared to do so. Holding swimmers back to finish out the season also helps everyone else in the group to be challenged by their faster peers before they move up.