2024 Practice Schedule

As many of you are aware, the Briarhill Cabana Club Board faced several challenges last season with maintaining the pool. The Briarhill pool continues to have issues with leaks that the Cabana Club Board is working on fixing as we speak. It is still our hope as a swim team board, that the pool will be up and running and that we will continue to host the majority of our practices at the Briarhill Cabana Club. With that said, similar to last year, we do plan to offer an additional practice option in a full-length pool a couple of times a week for our swimmers 7 and up.

*** If for some reason the Briarhill Cabana Club is not able to open for the 2024 season, we WILL still have a swim team and our practices/home meets will be offered at another pool. The pools that have availability for our practices are primarily located in Pleasanton, for planning purposes.