Weekly Update: 2/27/23 - 3/5/23

Jessica Colby
Hello Red Dragon Families!
Practice Schedule
We have practice Monday-Thursday this week! We do NOT have practice on Friday due to MRC. Our March schedule will be posted by the end of the week.
Championship meets are here! I hope everyone is EXCITED! With that being said, PLEASE do not have your athlete attend practice is they are not feeling well or if anyone in the family is not feeling well. We do not want to risk our staff and athletes to get sick right before championship meets!
What is taper? Taper is when our team builds up yards a month before and then decreases to have the athletes start resting. You will notice a week before championship meets they will have A LOT of energy. That is okay! we recommend more sleep if possible during this time! We also recommend for an effective taper to decrease pop/soda intake along with candy. Fuel your body like Ferrari, not like a 1990 Honda civic.
MONC Meet Information - RECAP
AMAZING job to our Red Dragons who started us out in our championship meet series! So many time drops and great swimming!
MRC - Information
I will be sending out a separate email to families who are attending MRC's once I receive the timeline. Please make sure to read it over before the meet this weekend. Also, please plan accordingly for your travels for the weather. 
2023 Senior State – Volunteer Sign Up
At this point I feel like a broken record player... WE NEED ALL FAMILIES TO HELP VOLUNTEER FOR THIS MEET!!! Parents, athletes, uncles, aunts, grandparents and friends are all needed to help volunteer for this meet! PLEASE take time to sign up THIS week! We do not require volunteer hours and we hope to continue not requiring volunteer hours! The meet is     March 16-19 th , 2023 at the Hulbert Aquatic Center.     Please note the times are TENATIVE and will be communicated closer to the event. There are spots for everyone, including our minis athletes! Sign up link is also on our website under Meets/Events.
If you have any questions or concerns please let me know,
Jessica Colby
Head Coach
Red Dragon Swimming
"Once a Red Dragon, Always a Red Dragon"