2022 Winter Junior Championships

Andrew Nguyen

2022 Winter Junior Championships 

Austin, TX

December 7-10, 2022


We had twenty-two Rose Bowl athletes make the trip to Austin, Texas for the 2022 Speedo Winter Championships. This meet is always split into two, West and East, with the West arguably being the most competitive. Our National Team stepped up to the challenge and was very successful. After 3.5 days of racing over seven sessions, our Women’s Team placed fifteenth, our Men’s Team placed second, and our Combined Team placed third overall. This was truly a team effort and all 22 athletes played an important role in scoring our highest point total in recent years. We experienced the many ups and downs of a typical meet. The pressures of a national meet may be overwhelming at times, but it was very clear that our team culture and support proved to be even greater. The cheering, the laughter, the tears, the smiles, and the conversations all added up to a great memory of a great showing in Austin. We saw our athletes break multiple Rose Bowl and Southern California Swimming records. We saw our athletes swim all of their personal bests times and were better than they’ve ever been. We also saw our athletes grow and learn through struggles. Overall, this meet proved to be an incredilble experience and is simply the beginning of something greater. Congratulations to our National Team on a strong showing at this year’s Winter Junior Championships! Of course, a huge shoutout to our parent chaperones Ashley Gish and Maricelly Vargas for taking care of our team throughout the week. You both were rockstars and a huge part of our team’s success. Thank you to the Boosters for supporting this travel trip and setting our team up for success. To our athletes, thank you for your efforts and for stepping up for each other. 


Rose Bowl on 3, Family on 6!



Winter Junior National (+ Post-JN LC) Meet Recap


100% Best Times:

Congratulations to these swimmers who swam their full schedules and achieved personal best times across the board!

Athan Boutakidis


Daniel Li


Igor Benderskii


Max Cahill


Michael Munder


Nathan Kim


Rex Maurer


New Cuts:

These swimmers achieved new cuts (relative to group placement criteria)

Futures (2022):

Winter Junior Nationals (2022):

Summer Junior Nationals (2022):

US Open (2022):


Michael Munder (100fr)

Igor Benderskii (100fr)

Igor Benderskii (200fr)

Athan Boutakidis (50fr)


Daniel Li (200IM)


New Records:

New SCS Record:

15-16 Boys 200br (Daniel Li) - 1:55.74 (prev. 1:56.46)

15-16 Boys 100br (Daniel Li) - 52.92 (prev. 53.79)

17-18 Boys 500fr (Rex Maurer) - 4:12.33 (prev. 5:12.87)

17-18 Boys 100bk (Rex Maurer) - 46.04 (prev. 46.90)

15-18 Boys 200MR- (Max Cahill, Daniel Li, Nathan Kim, Rex Maurer)- 1:27.17 (prev. 1:29.21)

15-18 Boys 800FR- (Zach Larrick, Rex Maurer, Nathan Kim, Ray Liu)- 6:26.77 (prev. 6:29.57)

15-18 Boys 400MR- (Rex Maurer, Daniel Li, Max Cahill, Jonathan Gim)- 3:10.77 (prev. 3:13.99)

15-18 Boys 200FR- (Rex Maurer, Jonathan Gim, Nathan Kim, Athan Boutakidis)- 1:20.23 (prev. 1:20.71)

15-18 Boys 400FR Relay- (Nathan Kim, Rex Maurer, Zach Larrick, Jonathan Gim)- 2:54.96 (prev. 2:57.03)


New Team Records:

15-16 Girls 1650fr (Lily Dormans)- 16:54.60 (prev. 16:55.99)

17-18 Girls 400IM (Hojung Yoon)- 4:17.64 (prev. 4:25.51)

17-18 Girls 200bk (Hojung Yoon)- 1:58.00 (prev. 2:01.66)

15-16 Boys 50fr (Athan Boutakidis)- 20.25 (prev. 20.38)

17-18 Boys 50fr (Rex Maurer)- 19.77 (prev. 20.08)

17-18 Boys 100fr (Rex Maurer)- 43.52 (prev. 44.13)

17-18 Boys 200fr (Rex Maurer)- 1:33.69 (prev. 1:34.59)

17-18 Boys 500fr (Rex Maurer)- 4:12.33 (prev. 4:15.40)

17-18 Boys 1650fr (Rex Maurer)- 14:54.71 (prev. 15:02.97)

15-18 Girls 800FR- (Lily Dormans, Natalie Walklett, Hojung Yoon, Addie Gish)- 7:19.14 (prev. 7:21.29)

15-18 Girls 400MR- (Hojung Yoon, Natalie Walklett, Chloe Addiego, Joy Lee)- 3:45.06 (prev. 3:45.44)

15-18 Girls 200FR- (Joy Lee, Lily Dormans, Chloe Addiego, Natalie Walklett)- 1:33.64 (prev. 1:33.92)

15-18 Girls 400FR- (Natalie Walklett, Hojung Yoon, Chloe Addiego, Lily Dormans)- 3:23.40 (prev. 3:24.25)


Event Winners:

Rex Maurer- 500fr


Top 8 Finishes:

Rex Maurer - 2nd (200fr, 1650fr), 4th (50fr), 7th (100fr)

Daniel Li - 2nd (100br), 4th (200br)

Max Cahill- 6th (100bk), 8th (200fly)


Top 3 Relays:

1st- Boys 200MR- (Max Cahill, Daniel Li, Nathan Kim, Rex Maurer)

1st- Boys 400MR- (Rex Maurer, Daniel Li, Max Cahill, Jonathan Gim)

2nd- Boys 800FR- (Zach Larrick, Rex Maurer, Nathan Kim, Ray Liu)

2nd- Boys 400FR- (Nathan Kim, Rex Maurer, Zach Larrick, Jonathan Gim)

3rd- Boys 200FR- (Rex Maurer, Jonathan Gim, Nathan Kim, Athan Boutakidis)