HOD MEETING: Meeting results & November 20 Proposed Changes to SI Policies and Procedures and By-Laws

Mary Redmond

Our annual House of Delegates meeting was held on November 18th.   

  • Our by-laws and policies and procedures were updated (the newest versions can be found on the LSC SI Governance tab).
  • We held elections and the results are as below.   A transition with the new members is ongoing and all positions are fully effective 1/1/2023. 
    • DDEI Chair (2nd term) – Maria Davila
    • Operational Risk Chair – Carlos Davila
    • Athlete Representatives:  
      • Senior Athlete Rep:   Simran Jayasinghe
      • Junior Athlete Rep:   Revere Schmidt
      • Athlete At Large:   Isabella Dang
      • Athlete At Large:  Kiran Jayasinghe
    • Nominating Committee Members: 
      • Joe Benjamin
      • Rob Mackle
      • Reid Krebs (athlete)  
  • Our first meeting of 2023 will be on January 22nd @ 7:00 pm via zoom 

Canndidate list for the upcoming House of Delegates Meeting on November 20th.     Additional information on the athlete candidates will be provided in the pre-read next week.  There will be an opportunity to take nominations for these positions from the floor. 

Board (all candidates are listed alphabetically by first name) :   

Athletes (teams) for two positions + nominating committee 

  1. Isabella Dang (SOL)
  2. Jared Ritchie (SOL)
  3. Kiran Jayasinghe (RAQ)
  4. Magy Olin (TAQ)
  5. Reid Krebs (WIND)

D(D)EI Chair --- Maria Davila (UN)

Operational Risk Chair –

  1. Brian Davis (HSA)
  2. Carlos Davila (SBA)

Nominating Committee (2 positions needed)

  1. Joe Benjamin (RSD)
  2. Rob Mackle (NCA)

In advance of our annual SI House of Delegates meeting on Sunday, November 20th @ 7:00 pm via zoom, the Governance Committee is pleased to provide their proposed changes to SI Policies and Procedures and By-Laws.    There is a summary document that all the proposed changes organized by type and it is recommended that people read this document.    

Additional information about the meeting will be posted in the coming weeks. 

2022 SIS BY LAWS HOD Proposed Changes

2022 1006 SI PP and By Law Summary Potential Changes

2022 1006 SI Policies and Procedures Summary Potential Changes

2022 Draft Revised Section 14 SI Sanctioned Meets for HOD