Memphis Tiger Masters (MTM) is a team-based adult training program supervised by Memphis Tiger Swimming (MTS).  Memphis Tiger Masters welcomes experienced adult swimmers of all levels, whether training for specific competitions or just swimming for broad health and fitness reasons.  The atmosphere is an engaging mix of dedication and social fun.

Memphis Tiger Masters offers workouts five days a week organized with swimmers grouped according to ability.  Memphis Tiger Masters swim year-round with the exception of a few holidays and days off when the pool may be closed or coaches are away at meets. 

Memphis Tiger Masters is a U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) club member of Southeastern LMSC (SE).  Swimmers must be current members of USMS and must join MTS Tiger Masters as a monthly or daily member.  Guest/Tryout passes are limited to 3 practices.

Memphis Tiger Masters competes together as a team at local and national USMS competitions as well as helping those train for open water, triathlons and other water-based sports.

For questions about registering or your account, contact Tiaa Ferguson at:  [email protected].

For questions about Memphis Tiger Masters, contact Coach Bakari Williams at:  [email protected].


Dick Fadgen Pool
Mike Rose Aquatic Center
University of Memphis
620 Echles Street
Memphis, TN  38152


Monday thru Friday:  5:45am-7:00am


To Join:

Annual MTS Registration Fee:  $40.00

Annual USMS Registration Fee:  $70.00
(click LINK to join and select MTM as club)

Monthly Membership:

Training Fee: $80.00

UofM Campus Rec Member:  $50.00

Daily Membership:

Drop-In Fee Per Practice: $15.00

UofM Campus Rec Member Per Practice:  $10.00

Guest/Tryout Fee Per Practice: $15.00 (3 practice limit)

Click to Join: