For many swimmers this upcoming weekend is our first championship meet - the ultimate test to show just how much our hard work this year has paid off. For more of us this is round 2, 3, 4, and we’re itching to get at it again. Whether you’re a beginner or an Elite swimmer these recommendations will help position you to make a statement this weekend at STX CHamps and show everyone what Lone Star is all about.


Here are 8 tips for meets that I think are the most important above the rest:

1. STAY HYDRATED! Wake up and chug!!! You’re body is 70% water and needs to be hydrated to operate effectively. It takes multiple days to hydrate your body so bring a water bottle with you to school and practice this week and make sure it’s always full. Your brain and body will thank you when you’re thinking crystal clear.

2. BE CONFIDENT- When you get to the meet, all you can do is use the tools that are in your pocket. Eliminate the fear of not having trained enough, not having perfected turns enough, not mastering a dive, etc.  Trust your coaches and take advantage of training this last week to piece everything together. Then at the meet realize you put in the work and all that’s left to do, and all you can do is race!

3. LONESTAR REPRESENT! One of the things that make swimming so exciting is that it is a team sport. I go fast when other teammates go fast. I train hard when my teammates train hard with me. From Day 1 of the meet to Day 1 of practice this week start the spark and bring the energy. Don’t just race for yourself but race for your teammates as well. All it takes is one unexpected swim, or one crazy race to start the wildfire of momentum and get everybody swimming fast. Cheer loud and be proud!

4. VISUALIZE YOUR RACES EVERY NIGHT- Remind yourself of your goals and every night in bed keep using your senses to see your perfect race. If it becomes habit what you want to do now, when you get up to the blocks you won’t be thinking about turns or technique. All you will have to do is race. 

5. STRETCH AND SLEEP THIS WEEK- Now is the most important time of the year to let your body recover, and relax. It needs those extra minutes to hit the reset button, and to build up the best muscles it can to race. Ask your coaches for their favorite stretches to do before a meet and after practice!

6. DON’T RACE WARM UP- With the excitement in the air and the adrenaline in the veins it’s the body’s natural instinct to want to sprint warm-up. Fight that urge. Every day it’s important to relax and casually give your body the proper time to get the blood and oxygen flowing to the muscles during warm-up. Use this time to find the perfect technique so when you do race it feels nothing but natural. 

7. RELAX, BREATH, AND TRUST YOURSELF! If you’re tense before a race, more than likely you’ll be tense in the water. Find a pre-race ritual and stick with it. Keep the muscles warmed-up, keep your mind at ease, and DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE behind the blocks.

8. HAVE FUN- When I look back on these meets, the times were important, but it's the memories with all my friends teammates, and coaches that truly stick with me. If you’re not having fun then it’s not even worth it. AND of course it’s always fun to go fast, so take these notes to heart and rock it this weekend! 



Let us coaches know if you need any reccomendations or advice this week and during the meet. We are here to help!