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It is with great sadness that I’d like to inform our GCST family of the passing of Mark McCaw.  Mark was a great friend of the team and one of the greatest USA Swimming Officials to be on deck for multiple decades.  Mark started officiating with GCST initially as a parent wanting to help and be involved when he signed up his children: Christina, Jacqueline, and Richard on the team.  He then signed up to become an apprentice official and his pathway towards officiating took off from there.  Mark was instrumental in the early days of GCST and helping us run swim meets starting in 2002.  Mark went on to train many officials hosting officials clinics for whomever was interested in the role, from our GCST club to continue his legacy of volunteering and service, to not just our swimmers but those that attended our meets, including FGCU Women’s swim meets.  Mark was passionate about the sport and officiating to which he worked FGCU Women’s Swim Meets each time they were home for dual meets. 


Mark McCaw originally got involved in Open Water Swimming in 2006 when USA Swimming Open Water Nationals was held at Ft. Myers Beach, Florida.  He really enjoyed working open water meets and he was an excellent Open Water Lead Official.  In 2009, Mark was nominated to the FINA Open Water Referee list by USA Swimming.  His first international Open Water assignment was to Guam for Junior Pan Pacs in January 2009.  He became one of the top Open Water Officials in the world, refereeing Open Water races around the Statue of Liberty in the Hudson River, traveling to Canada, Russia, and Japan.  He was a world traveler full of cultural experiences and was always willing to share his stories and travels to grow others around him. 


He also volunteered for several Florida Swimming Championship Meets, FHSAA Meets, Sectional Meets, USA Swimming National Swim Meets including US Olympic Team Trials. 


Mark also was the Treasurer and Financial Vice Chair for Florida Swimming for several years starting in 2013 through 2020.


Florida Swimming awarded Mark McCaw the prestigious Phillips 66 Outstanding Award in 2017.  He was most deserving of this award and recognition as he took so much pride in serving others before himself.  It recognizes volunteers for their service to USA Swimming and is awarded by an LSC.


GCST is forever indebted to Mark for his unwavering support of swimming and our own GCST Family.  

To honor Mark, we will rename the Summer Invite as the “Mark McCaw Summer Classic” in his honor and to continue his swimming legacy and countless hours to the sport and community.


Funeral arrangements are scheduled for September 2, 2023 at Our Lady of Light Church at 11 AM.



Mark McCaw – Key Swimming Achievements

USA Swimming Olympic Trials: 2008, 2012, 2016 (Omaha, NE)

USA Swimming Olympic Trials, Time Trial Meet Referee: 2021 (Omaha, NE)

USA Swimming OW National Championships/Junior Nationals, Meet Referee: Multiple, last in 2022

USA Swimming Junior National Championships, Meet Referee: 2018 (Greensboro, NC)

USA Swimming Futures Championships, Meet Referee: 2017 (Nashville, TN)

FINA Open Water World Championships, Technical Official: 2010 (Roberval, Canada), 2013 (Barcelona, Spain)

FINA Pan American Games Open Water Championships, Technical Official: 2015 (Toronto, Canada) 

FINA Pan Pacific Open Water Championships, Technical Official: 2010 (Long Beach, CA), 2018 (Tokyo, Japan)

FINA Pan Pacific Open Water Junior Championships, Meet Referee: 2012 (Honolulu, HI)

FINA Pan Pacific Open Water Junior Championships, Technical Official: 2009 (Guam)

FINA Pan American Masters Championships (Pool and Open Water), Meet Referee: 2013 (Sarasota, FL)

FINA Open Water Official since 2008

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