Redline Championships 12/5 Results

Amanda Jackson

Last night we found out our placements from our first competition of the season and we are so excited to share the wonderful news 👏🏼
Our three duet performances took first place, along with four first place individual performances and two second place individual performances! As far as our teams go, check out the results below!

Tiny Spitfires 🥈 out of 4 and ONLY .1 away from first place with a zero deduction routine! 

Youth Eclipse 🥇 out of 1 with an AWESOME zero deduction routine! 

Skyhawk 🥉 out of 4 and .9 away from that second place spot! 

Phantom 🥇 out of 1 with the overall highest scoring routine from our program! 

We introduced our teams to new divisions for this second year and we are pleased with their outcomes in these tougher divisions! We are so proud of our athletes and cannot wait to start putting in work as we gear up for our next full day of cheer with our Redline friends! 

More photos: