Teffany Comeaux-Ibarra 
Cheyanne Ibarra, Teffany's Dance Studio, Corpus Christi, Texas, Instructor

Valerie Castro
Ms. Valerie started dancing at the age of 3, she grew up dancing and started at Teffany's in 2009 and has been teaching since 2015. Not only is she an award-winning choreographer but, Ms. Valerie is proficient in all styles of dance and has a passion for seeing students develop their God-given talents in a nurturing environment. Ms. Valerie teaches at TM Intermediate and not only holds a passion for dance but also photography.  Her favorite style of dance is lyrical and Miss Valerie's favorite quote is "Believe you can and you are half way there." 
Fun Facts:
She can talk to Seagulls. 

Her favorite ice cream is Strawberry anything. 





Valerie Castro, Teffany's Dance Studio, instructor, Corpus Christi, Texas