Thank you for your interest in Champion Allstars. We are so excited about our 8th season.  In this gym you will find coaches, athletes, and parents that are full of passion love and support.  We cant wait to welcome you to the CHAMPFAM!

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From the first year in operation Cassidy has overseen and coached every athlete that has come into their gym.  As the owner and highly experienced coach each and every team and athlete are equally important.  We keep teams small for optimal one on one coaching and better team bonding.  Each year a theme at Champion Allstars has been “NO TEAM LEFT BEHIND” and it has really shown.  Our Core Staff is highly trained and experienced.  They start the season out by attending USASF Regional Conference as well as Varsity University to learn and study all the new material in the industry.  Our staff meets weekly to go over each athlete and each team.  It is our goal to have everyone in our gym feeling proud and feeling accomplished each and every practice.