We have a ballet dress code for all of our dance classes. We have found that this helps to create the best learning environment possible for our students.
For all girls: Hair pulled up off the face and back in a ballet bun.

3-6-year-olds: Pink, lavender or black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes. (We prefer tap shoes that have velcro or elastic closures unless your child can tie their own shoes.) Skirts are allowed but we prefer that they come pre-attached to the leotard.

7 and up: Black leotard, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes (leather or canvas are both acceptable), and tan jazz shoes (foot undies are ok, but jazz shoes will most likely be needed for performances.) Those in a pointe class are allowed to wear a ballet skirt during pointe. Warm-ups are allowed during cold months but must be form-fitting, and black/pink to match the dress code.

Boys: White form-fitting t-shirt or tank. Black form-fitting shorts, pants, or tights. Black canvas ballet shoes. Tan jazz shoes or foot undies.

All items are available for sale at the Classical Ballet Conservatory. A monthly order will be placed throughout the year. You are also welcome to purchase items through local dance-wear stores or online. Visit Classes and Pricing to find a link to some appropriate options from discountdance.com. If you use code: 102116 at checkout, you can receive a discount.