Classical ballet provides the foundation for all other dance forms. It is the most demanding, most disciplined of all dance forms; but also the most rewarding. With a solid ballet foundation, classically trained dancers can transfer their skills into jazz, modern dance, or any other dance form they might decide to pursue.

Accomplishing that solid ballet foundation is crucial to becoming an outstanding dancer in any dance form. Every child benefits from quality dance training, even though he or she may ultimately choose another career path. In dance, children learn:

*Respect for authority, others and self
*A love and understanding of music
*A love of the Arts

*Poise and grace

Quality teaching pays close attention to your child’s artistic development. But of equal importance, quality teaching pays close attention to your child’s health and safety, as well as physical and emotional well-being. The Conservatory endeavors to help each student learn to love dance for the sheer pleasure and sense of artistic fulfillment, rather than only for a sense of technical accomplishment.

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