2.Ballet Classes 2020/21
Classes for the 2020/2021 Season. Classes are taught weekly from September 8 through our Year End Recital June 17-19, 2021. Classes for 3 - 7 year olds are first come, first serve registration. For dancers ages 8 and up, a placement class may be needed before registration.
Level 6
Level 6 is for high school students preparing for college and company auditions. Students are expected to be on a pre-professional level, with 2+ years on pointe, a mastery of general technique, and an advanced focus on artistry, performance and strength. Dancers are placed in level 6 by audition only.
Within Level 6 will be an advanced focus group: Pre-professional which will include more hours in the studio, pas de deux class, and top parts for the year end show will come from this group. All inclusive tuition.
Level 5
Level 5 is twice a week, includes pointe, by audition placement. All inclusive tuition.
Level 4
Level 4 is twice a week. By placement. All inclusive tuition. See below for schedule.
Level 3
Level 3 is a once a week class with 2 hours of instruction. Placement required. All inclusive Tuition.
Level 2
Level 2 is ballet, tap and jazz for 1.5 hours, once a week. At least two previous years of dance experience expected. All inclusive tuition
Level 1
Level 1 is ballet, tap and jazz/contemporary dance for 90 minutes, once a week.
Kindergarten/1st Grade Combo Class
Ballet, tap and creative class for students in Kindergarten or 1st grade. One hour, once a week. All inclusive tuition rate $55 a month.
An introduction to Ballet, tap and creative movement for Pre School age students. All inclusive tuition is $49 a month