At Classical Ballet Conservatory, we offer dance training designed into levels appropriate to the age, maturity, and dance expertise of each student. With classes available for ages 2.5 years old and up, there is truly a class for everyone. Students will progress to higher levels at the end of each year in a systematic manner. We offer discounts for siblings, military families, and Primary Children's employees. See below for our available classes, pricing, and discount information.

If an effort to make your overall experience the best yet, our dance studio offers All-Inclusive Tuition. This means that there is one registration fee per year and one flat rate per month. There are no costume fees, no recital fees, and no additional fees. Ever. This helps make budgeting for dance training a breeze!

This July 5-28, 2022 we will be offering dance, Acro, and MDT classes! See our schedule below:

Dance Summer 2022 Schedule:

Ages 3-6: Dance Adventure Camp Tuesdays or/and Wednesdays 12:45-2:15  Register Here

Ages 6-8: Wednesdays 10:30-12:30  Register Here

Ages 8/9 : Wednesdays 9:30-12:30 Register Here

Ages 10-12 (not en pointe) : Tuesdays 9:30-12:30 Register Here

Ages 12+/ en pointe dancers : Tuesdays AND Wednesdays 9:30-12:30 Register Here

Acro Summer 2022 Schedule

Upper level (by placement): Tuesdays 12:45-1:45 Register Here

Summer Acro (By placement): Tuesdays 1:45-2:45 Register Here


Musical Theater Summer 2022 Schedule

MDT Ages 6-8: Thursdays: 12:30-2:00 Register Here

MDT Ages 9-10 : Thursdays 12:30-2:30 Register Here

MDT Ages 11-13: Thursdays 9:00-11:45 Register Here

MDT Ages 14+: Thursdays 9:00-11:45 Register Here