Summer of Fun

Classical Ballet Conservatory

Our classes in July will be extra fun! As stated before, we will have some themes during the summer, and the first two will be:

July 6-11: crazy hair

July 13-18: fun at the beach

Crazy hair means anything that you can still dance in. Extra buns! Braids! Color! A fun hair accessory! Don't worry about going too crazy, and if you forget - we will have some glitter hair spray at the studio if you would like:)

Fun at the beach: Dancers can wear their swimsuits instead of leotards if they would like! or they could wear sunglasses, or a fun printed leotard/coverup. Or dress like Moana. They must still be able to fully dance, and tights/shorts should be worn if needed to keep modesty (remember we do splits and leg lifts and all sorts of extreme movement:)

Don't let it be stressful, but we hope this adds an element of fun to your classes. If your child has class more than once a week, the will follow the theme only on their LAST day of class for the week.