Tennille Rigby

Parents, I feel like a broken record but this is ANOTHER reminder... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT PARK AND WAIT for your athletes on the Shepard LN side. I've had so many complaints this year from businesses and their clients. Nothing has changed with our schedule or the amount of athletes. It's only due to people refusing to follow the drop off and pick up guide. 

NEXT SOLUTION would be hiring someone to move traffic. If I have to do this I will be forced to raise everyones tuiton by $5 per class just to cover these costs or have the hired person apply "waiting fines" to peoples accounts. I 100% DO NOT want to do that so PLEASE FOLLOW THIS GUIDE BELOW and tell EVERYONE who helps with your carpool.


Strip is a 1-WAY ONLY 


DROP-OFF: 5-10min early


PICK-UP: 5-8min late (last classes of the night please be on time)


If you are picking up for a 5pm, 6pm or 7pm class and you arrrive before 5:05, 6:05, 7:05 please wait in the big parking lot by extra space storage until this time. Your athlete will not be out before these times and these are the most crowded times. 


I highly recommend no one parks in the strip stalls since you will most likely get stuck.


If your athlete is not out please do not stop to wait, circle back around to keep traffic moving. (if you make a right when exiting it will allow you to go behind the building without going back onto Shepard and loop around to the front of extra space storage)


Our biggest concern is keeping everyone safe. I've been in this building for over 5yrs and it’s the only way we can do it. If everyone can join together and follow these guides it will help EVERYONE so much!!!!


I really appreciate everyones support!

Thank you, Tennille Rigby 801-644-4411