Important Updates to our Covid Protocol!!

Teal Bachelor
Important Updates to our Covid Protocol: 

* Athletes and Staff members (team moms included) who travel outside of Virginia will be required to quarantine for 7 days before returning to the gym. If no symptoms arise, please send a message to Kelly and your Team Mom to confirm your athlete can return to the gym. The gym will no longer be taking rapid test results for return to practice. 

* Exposure: If a team is exposed to a covid positive person in the gym, that team will continue the 14 day quarantine as recommended by the CDC. If the exposed team member also has a sibling in the gym, the sibling will quarantine for 7 days to monitor symptoms before returning. If an athlete or staff member is knowingly exposed to a covid positive person in their home, they will be required to complete the 14 day quarantine. 

* All mask must be worn at all times (no more pulling them off for pictures etc.) If a staff members see’s this, a disciplinary action will be taken. 

* Friendly reminder that the covid forms must be completed by a parent or gaurdian. Team moms are not allowed to sign your child’s form. If the form is not completed and signed by a parent, the athlete will not be permitted to enter the gym.

***Reminder: Please DO NOT send your athlete(s) to the gym if they are feeling sick or anyone in your family is feeling sick at all. Please keep your child home and monitor their symptoms. Now that we are approaching flu season, holiday vacations and schools returning to in-person learning, we really have to be mindful of the gyms protocol to keep everyone safe. This goes for anyone entering our facility! 

Thank you all for your support. We appreciate each of you and your continued cooperation in keeping everyone safe!!