Tracie Williams

** Important Updates **




Thank you for your patience on schedule updates.  Below is information on the updated schedule, uniforms, hair, and makeup.  Please reach out to me or your team mom with questions.  


Schedule Updates: (updated competion schedule attached)

•We have decided to postpone Showcase to allow our teams a little more time to prepare. New date - Sunday 2/7. More details to come. 

•We will not be attending the Richmond Competition on 1/30.

•We have added the Mid Atlantic Open in Richmond on 2/13 and 2/14. This competition will allow one spectator per athlete and tickets will be purchased through the gym.   More details to come.  

•Team fees have been adjusted to reflect the competition changes. You can see the full schedule of your fees in your account.  

•Teams will practice on the normal Sunday schedule on 1/24 and 1/31 (this is a change to the current calendar).  Coaches may also add additional practices as needed.     It’s very important to have all athletes at every practice.  

•Reminder - absense requests need to be turned into your team mom 2 weeks prior to the absense. Absenses within 2 weeks of a competition will not be approved.  



•We have received the first batch of uniforms. Varsity has had some plant issues due to Covid so we are still waiting on the uniforms with bodysuits, a few crop tops and youth skirts. Team Moms will post a list of uniforms available and ask parents to pick up on Sunday. Parents will be able to come in once practice has started, a few at a time to sign for uniforms. Athletes (unless 18 and older) may not sign for their own uniform.  


Hair and Make up information: 


Makeup (same as last year)

- Regular face makeup 

- Smokey Eye

- Teal Bottom Liner  (this is new for this season)


- Red Lips 



* For hair below shoulders* 

- High ponytail

- light tease (optional)

- curled ends

- comp bow 


*For hair above shoulders*

- half up half down

- curls 

- comp bow


*for those with bobs/pixie cuts* - hair all down with curls (if possible) 

- headband 


Hair styles should be as neat as possible, no fly-aways 

Hair video tutorial should be up sometime next week. 


Thank you for your support and patience. We will continue to share updates as they are available. 


CEA Staff