Eval Groups & Gym Reminders

Teal Bachelor
Good Morning! 

Few reminders:
- Any account with a balance will be charged Monday May 20th for May tuition. You can process this payment by logging into your account through the website or the GoMotion App before Monday if you’d like. There is no 3% fee to process credit card payments. 
- Updated Evaluation Groups will be posted to the website Sunday May 19th @ 7pm under the "Tryout Information" Tab. 
- May calendar with evaluation group practices will be updated today to the site. 
- Reminder that your athletes eval group(s) does not guarantee their spot on a specific team and their group may change during the two week process.
- Some athletes are in more than one group as this helps our staff determine team need. 
- Each athlete will be evaluated on their ability to execute perfect technique in tumbling, jumps, stunting and their consistency overall with skills required for that level. 
- Eval practices ARE CLOSED to parents and family members as this can be a distraction to the athletes. 
- Athletes should wear black on black or CEA apparel with hair in high pony. Bow/Scrunchie optional 

If you have any other questions, please email cearichmondva@gmail.com or use the "Contact Us" link on our website. 

Thank you!