Crystal Ice Figure Skating Club  (CIFSC)  is a non-profit organization for area figure skaters who wish to skate for recreation, competition or to improve and develop skating skills beyond basic levels.  Persons age eighteen or younger who skate at Freestyle 1 level or above may apply for membership in the club.   The club provides ice time, testing, exhibitions, and an opportunity to participate in the ice show at K.B. Willett Arena.  


Crystal Ice Figure Skating club requires membership in the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA).  The United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA) ( is the governing body of figure skating on ice in the United States.  It is responsible for making and enforcing rules for the sport, and holding competitions and official tests.  The testing and progress of skills/moves are designed for the competitive figure skater.  

The club is governed by a constitution and by-laws which can be obtained from the CIFSC Board.  CIFSC is managed by a board of directors consisting of nine people elected by club members.  Members of the board serve a three-year term.  Board meetings are held once each month during the skating season or as often as needed.   All meeting dates are listed on the Club Calendar.   For more information on the Board of Directors, click on the BOARD button to the left.


Who may join?
Club membership is offered to those skaters at Freestyle 1 or higher (according to ISI standards).  For more detailed information, click on the Membership Info link above.

How do I join the club?   
An organizational meeting is held in the fall (usually late August) of each year.  The meeting dates and time are posted on this CIFSC website.  You may also contact K.B. Willett for information or check the CIFSC bulletin board located inside K.B. Willett Arena or contact any board member for information.   For those skaters who pass into the Freestyle 1 level mid-season, package rates will be pro-rated depending on the start date.  Membership fees are annual fees and will NOT be pro-rated.

How much does it cost to join the club?   
Membership Fees:

All skaters must be members of CIFSC and USFSA to skate with the club.  The CIFSC/USFSA Membership Fee is $110.00 and is good from July 1st to June 30th of the following year.  CIFSC also offers an Associate Membership for those skaters who already have a Home Club at a cost of $40.00/year.  The CIFSC/USFSA fee is $80.00 for FIRST-TIME members of USFSA, also running July 1st to June 30th of the following year.  Second family member CIFSC/USFSA fees are $74 for each additional member.  There is also a Collegiate membership offered to those who qualify for $100.00 lasting 4 years, while the skater attends some type of secondary education. Club members are required to complete 4 hours of volunteer work for their skater, with a maximum of 6 hours per family. 1 hour for each skater MUST be completed during the Ice Show. 


Ice Fees:

Skating fees vary according to the number of hours you want to skate.  Ice time that is available to the club is divided into time slots called packages.  Package times vary slightly, and last approximately 45-60 minutes for the length of the skating season.  Packages are offered at various times on Sundays, Mondays and Fridays.  You should select a package according to your skating level and the availability of your coach. 

When are skating fees due?   
Membership Fees (CIFSC and USFSA) are due every July 1st.

Ice Fees for the regular fall-spring season are payable at the time of registration in one or in two installments - 50% when registering and the remainder in early January.  Spring and summer ice sessions will be announced via email, website and/or Facebook and will have the registration dates posted on the forms and on the club calendar.    

What is the refund policy?   
Refunds are not given for missed club package sessions. This includes for reasons of illness or injury.    

Refunds for coaching are to be discussed with the individual coach.  If you are not able to make your lesson with your coach you must notify the coach as far in advance as possible.  Please remember the coach has reserved that time slot for you and is depending upon your payment as a part of their income.  Payment for missed lessons varies from coach to coach. Please discuss this at the start of the season with your coach.  

What about fundraising?
Each family has the option to participate in fundraising.  20% of all fundraisers go back to the CIFSC general fund to defray part of the cost of ice.  Without this money, the ice fees would be substantially higher.  All fundraisers will be announced via email, the website, and Facebook.  Click on the FUNDRAISING link to the left to find out more about the various fundraising opportunities within the club.

Skating Season

There are 2 skating sessions with the Crystal Ice Figure Skating Club:  The regular skating season at the K.B. Willett Arena runs from September through March,  with the ice show in late March or early April.  All CIFSC Skating members must purchase a regular-season package.  From April until August, ice time is available at the Ice Hawks Arena on an a la carte basis.

How do I know what happens in the club?   
There is an annual membership meeting in August, and periodic emails and facebook postings.


Club members must be members of the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA).  USFSA rules dictate that a skater may only be a home club member in one skating club.  If a skater opts to be a home club member of another skating club, he or she may join CIFSC as an associate member.  If associate members want to participate in events at our rink, they are required to have permission for the sanctions office from their home club. 



Packages will be assigned in the order that registration forms and payments are received and distributed as follows:

  1. Current home club members – 1st package request

  2. New home club members – 1st package request

  3. Current home club members – 2nd package request

  4. New home club members – 2nd request

  5. Associate members


Each skater will be REQUIRED to provide an adult as rink monitor several times during the skating seasons.  The dates and times will be automatically assigned after fall registration.  If you are not able to be a rink monitor during your assigned time, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.  The rink monitor schedule will be distributed early in the skating season.  Copies will also be posted on the Willett bulletin board, on our website, and printed in the CIFSC monthly newsletter when possible.