How do I tryout for a solo or specialty group?

The Spring Ice Show features solos and specialty numbers.  These are special numbers within the Spring Ice Show.  Tryouts are held for a solo or small specialty groups.  The date of the tryout is posted on the bulletin board.  All skaters securing a specialty number or solo are also required to perform in a freestyle group number.  Group numbers are arranged by various coaches.

The Expectations for Tryouts for Solo and Specialty Numbers are:

  • Passed Freestyle 3 by tryout date

  • All costume forms must be in at the time of tryouts.

  • Skaters will have turned in the "Solo and Specialty Tryout Form"

Procedures during Tryouts are:

  • Arrive at the rink 30 minutes prior to tryouts.

  • Skaters will pick numbers for order of skating.

  • All skaters will be grouped by number picked.

  • At tryouts all skaters will listen to a slower music number and a faster music number.

  • All skaters will remain in their respective locker rooms until your group is to take the ice.  (After you have skated, you may watch the remaining skaters from the bleachers.)

  • There will be a warm-up session. During the warm-up session, the slow number and fast number will again be played.

  • Following the warm-up, you will return to the locker room and wait until it is your time to perform.

Judging - a panel of judges will score each skater

  • Judging is based on moves/skills performed AND on how well the skater entertained the judges.

  • Results will be posted on the bulletin board.