Preschool [Walking-6 years old]

This class uses tumbling elements to help develop motor skills and coordination. Run, jump, crawl, climb and more!

Tumbling [7-18 years old]

These classes use prgoressions to teach skills such as, handstands, walkovers cartwheels, handsprings, aerials, tucks and advanced tumbling skills. Stretching, strength and conditioning are also a part of all of our instructed tumbling classes.

Elite Ninja [5-18 years old]

This class focuses on movement through challenging obstacles. They will learn how to properly run, jump, climb, crawl, flip and vault their way through obstacles.

Open Tumbling [5-18 years old]

This is a supervised open workout for athletes looking to focus on specifc skills. An instructor is always present during our open tumbling to assist with skills and progressions.