Season 7

What's new for season 7? Everything! This season we are doing things just a little different. Instead of team placements, we are doing 3 months of training. Infinite's coaching staffs focus this summer is to provide encouragement to all of the athlete's to help them achieve top levels. Summer practices will entail tumbling, stunt work, strength training, flexability training and more. Email us at or call us at 608-843-7155 for more information! 

What is All-Star Cheerleading?

All Star cheerleading differs from traditional school cheer largely because of its focus on competing. There are no games to cheer at, no spirit-raising and most of the athletes on each team will not even attend the same school. You'll notice that we refer to the participants as "athletes" rather than by any other name and that's because of the caliber and intensity of training that they do on a weekly basis to be able to contribute to his or her competitive team.

Unlike school cheer or dance where there are normally only one or two teams for the highest skilled athletes, most all star programs typically have a place for everyone, regardless of skill level. The teams are placed into divisions, which are based upon age, size of the team, gender or participants and ability level. Coaches will typically train their athletes on individual skills and team components for months before choreographing routines that combine those skills together to be judged against other teams in their division.