The programs that we have to offer young gymnasts and active individuals are geared towards individual levels of achievement and learning. Gymnasts participating are challenged but never overwhelmed by their levels, and are encouraged to do their best to achieve their own personal goals. Click to see what the currently planned schedule is. Contact Russell Gymnastics for accurate dates and times.


Parent and Tot:

This is for children from the stage of walking to 3 1/2 years of age. A parent and tot movement class, emphasizing gymnastics skills for tots walking through 3 years. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum includes music and props along with an introduction to size-appropriate gymnastic apparatus. An adult accompanies the child, guiding them to explore and participate in group activities. The class is 40 minutes in length.

Fall (12 weeks) $56.50

Winter (14 weeks) $$66.00

GROUP PRESCHOOL:  3 1/2 - 5-year-olds:  

A preschool gymnastics curriculum for children 3 1/2 to 5 years old. Young athletes discover combinations of movement and are introduced to skills on gymnastics apparatus. This class challenges youngsters to experience their world in a whole new way and begin to understand how their bodies move. A plus to this gymnastics class is the child learning to take turns, use manners, and follow the directions of a teacher. The class is 40 minutes in length.  **Fall ( 12 weeks )$56.50   Winter (14 Weeks)  $$66

Advanced Preschool:

For ages 4 1/2 - 5 1/2-year-olds by coaches recommendation only. This is a 50-minute class that builds on the foundation skills in gymnastics and introduces more complex skills. The child demonstrates mental and physical readiness for this class. The class is 50 minutes in length. 

**Fall (12 weeks) $61.00         **Winter ( 14 weeks) $71.00

Youth Group:

This is for girls ages 5 and up. A great introduction to gymnastics for girls of all ages. This class focuses on developing basic skills on all the apparatus including tumble trac. This program helps develop concepts of fitness and to enjoy learning unique skills. Through this popular program, the students can branch off into the areas of gymnastics that peak their interests. The class is 60 minutes in length. 

**Fall (12 weeks) $62.00             **Winter (14 weeks)  $72.50

Advanced Girl's & Pre-Team:

This program is for girls ages 5 up.  This class is 2 hours in length and geared for the students who want to spend more time on the apparatus and develop more advanced skills.  We introduce all the level 2 skills and prepare these students to compete at our annual rec meet in spring.  The class is 120 minutes in length. 


**Fall ( 12 weeks) $101.50     **Winter (14 weeks)  $$118.50


**Fall (12weeks)  $152.00     **Winter (14 weeks)  $177.50

Boys Commando Class:

This class is for boys- ages 5 and up. This is a high-energy, zap the snot right out to the class! This class is a great bonus for the boys who also want to excel in other sports. The main objective is to strengthen them and build confidence through various activities on the gymnastics apparatus, with fun and exciting challenges. The class is 60 minutes in length. 

 ** Fall (12 weeks) $62.00   **Winter (14 weeks) $72.50

Advanced Boys Commando Class:

This class is by recommendation only.  Coaches will determine the skill needed to advance to this class.  The class is 90 minutes in length. 

**Fall (12 weeks)  $88.50        **Winter (14 weeks)  $103.00


Look for special events posted on our home page. We offer 2 hour time slots for cheer athletes during the year. The levels range from beginners: Just learning back handsprings - to advanced levels.  **Cost determined by participants and skill level.

Open Gym:

For age’s preschool and up. Members and non- members alike are welcome! A great opportunity to get some extra activity in your life! Feel free to jump, climb and explore the various pieces of apparatus. Staffs are available to assist gymnasts during the scheduled time. A fun evening of gymnastics that's a great supplement to regular classes. Rates differ for members and non- members. The scheduled time is 90 minutes in length.  **Cost is $12 for non-members and $8 for members.

 We offer 1 open gym for the fall, winter & spring session. The time is 5:30-7:00pm. We close the open gym for the summer session.