Hi! I am Coach Kandis Alley! When I was 10 years old, I did a cartwheel in the middle of the basketball court after making my first ever shot. From then on, cheerleading has been my life. I did competitive cheerleading for 10 years, and have been coaching for the last 8 years. I currently hold a Bachelors of Arts in History, from Arkansas Tech University and teach as the 7th-12th grade History teacher at Valley Christian School in Russellville, AR! 

My focus for the past 4 years has been on my 'dream gym'. I am the head coach for all of our competitive cheerleading squads and manager of all tumbling classes. 

I chose to open my business as close to home as I could. I want our cheerleaders and tumblers to have the same opportunities as everywhere else! Watching our athletes grow and gain skills through hard work is our #1 goal!!


Meet our Staff


Preschool Gymnastics Head Coach and assistant tumbling coach



Assistant cheer coach



Head tiny and mini cheer coach and assistant tumbling coach



Assistant Account Manager and Secretary


Miss Melissia/Mom/Mimi:

Account Manager and HR

*also biggest fan, keeper of all things, organizer*