• Practice 2 nights per week for 45 minutes each practice.
  • Typically age is 5+   
  • Swimmers must be able to complete 1 length of a 25 yard pool either freestyle or backstroke  

Group Goals

  • improvel freestyle and backstroke technique
  • Learn breaststroke kick
  • Learn body dolphin
  • Learn to do a flip flip turn
  • Learn to dive


  • Meets 3 nights per week for 1 hour each practice.
  • Must be able to swim 1 lenght of the pool freestyle and backstroke
  • Must have a legal breaststroke kick
  • Must be able to do body dolphin

Group Goals

  • Learn butterfly
  • Learn breastroke
  • Continued stroke development
  • Learn to dive off the block
  • Learn to do a backstroke start.
  • Learn to do a flip turn
  • Learn to use a pace clock



  • Practice is offered 5 times a week, no minimum required, 2-3 times a week preferred
  • Practice is 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Must be able to do all 4 strokes legally (fly, back, breast and free) 
  • Must be able to do a backstroke and freestyle flip turn
  • Swimmers will need fins, kickboard, and snorkel.
  • Emphasis is on technique with an introduction to training



  • Meets 5 times each week for 2 hours per practice. 
  • Kids are encouraged to make at least 3 practices week.
  • Swimmers will need fins, kickboard, snorkel and hand paddles
  • Swimmers will contnue to perfect technique
  • Emphasis is on technique and training



*****Note: Final group determinations are at the discretion of the coaching staff.*****