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Our Mission is to promote and teach the sport of cheer, developing athletes to their highest potential in a positive environment while encouraging discipline, commitment, integrity.
  We offer a variety of competitive cheer teams, tumble classes as well as after-school training and summer skills camp programs! 


May 17th, 2020

Reopening Protocol and guideline video! We look forward to seeing everyone that signed up for open gym classes!

May 3rd, 2020

Current Classes:

  • Team classes will end on April 30th and will not be restarted until tryouts have been done and completed. There will not be a May tuition. 
  • Regular classes will continue to be suspended for the month for May and tuition for these classes will also be suspended. Reference May schedule below. A new password will be given once you have enrolled in the May schedule class for zoom.  
  • After School Programs with school districts closed for the remainder of the school year this will complete the program for the 2019-2020 school year. Tuition will not be charged for the ASTP program in May. Signups for next year are now open. Please complete the ASTP packet and return it as soon as possible to ensure your athlete has a spot reserved for the 2020-2021 school year.  
  • Summer Camps are still on schedule, pending any changes. As we get closer to the shelter-in-place rule expiration, we will reevaluate our current plan for summer camps. The current field trips listed on each session may change depending on the current situation as well. We are looking into contingency options as well that includes the number of participants, etc. 

May Schedule Only:

      We will be offering a temporary schedule for May with 3 options available to athletes. We will continue to offer virtual classes and a combination of virtual classes plus “open gym” practice for athletes to attend. The pricing is below. All options will be available for parents to sign up their athletes on our website. You will not be automatically enrolled for May and must sign up if you choose to continue with the virtual classes as we have suspended regular class Tuition for May.  

  1. Virtual Classes only: Athletes will be allowed to take an unlimited amount of virtual classes that TAC is offering for the month at a rate of $45. 
  2. Virtual Class plus 1 class at the gym: Athletes will be allowed to take an unlimited amount of virtual classes that TAC is offering plus a 1 hour “open gym” style class per week at a rate of $65 for the month.
  3. Virtual Class plus 2 classes at the gym: Athletes will be allowed to take an unlimited amount of virtual classes that TAC is offering plus take two 1 hour “open gym” style classes per week at a rate of $110 for the month.


**The first day students will be allowed in the gym will be Saturday May 9th, all zoom classes will still be held the first week of May

**If a class does not have at least a minimum of 4 athletes, we will move athletes to the closest hour to fill other class times. 

**Private Lessons are currently tabled until we sort the main schedule and see how it will play out. 

The current plan of action includes athletes attending an “open gym” styled class during the month of May. We will continue to evaluate the efficacy of our process to best serve our families and staff during this trial of classes. If we feel that the process is not 100% compliant or effective, we will notify everyone and cease operations immediately. 


Specific restrictions will be in place. Please see the process of attending classes at TAC below:

  • Drop off only the front of TAC.
  • Front doors will be opened by an office staff member wearing a mask.
  • If an athlete exhibits symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath they will not be allowed in the gym, subject to Temperature checks. 
  • One athlete at a time will be allowed through the door and into the lobby.
  • 8 athletes will be allowed in the gym at least 6 ‘ apart upon arrival, and then they will train 15’-20’ apart.
  • There will be 1-2 instructors per session in the gym to monitor all skills. 
  • We will have rotations that will allow athletes to perform skills on all apparatus including the red floor, blue floor, trampoline and black floor. 
  • Sessions will begin on the hour and last 45 minutes.
  • Athletes will be dismissed one at a time through the garage door that runs along the black floor. 
  • Staff will take 15 minutes to sanitize all areas necessary.
  • Sessions and availability will be listed on the TAC website on the Class SignUp Page > Online/Virtual Class May Only. You may begin to enroll in the timeslots today! 
  • Parents may not congregate in the facility or in front of the building. Parents may wait in their car. 


All Star Tryouts:

Texas Allstar Cheer is entering our 15th season during this crazy time, and we definitely miss our families!  We want to celebrate this special anniversary...together and soon! 

Our current plan is to have team tryouts starting around May 22nd - May 24th. The tryout packet will be available on our website. Tryout details including times, levels and the amount of athletes will be permitted in the gym at a time will also be listed on the website under 2020 Tryouts tab.  This will be updated as we have more guidance on what we can do in the next week.


March 28th, 2020

Update to our closure, due to the Shelter in place rule we will have to extend closure of the gym to April 13th.

March 18th, 2020

To all our Texas Allstar Cheer families,


We are pleased to inform you that we are unaware of any TAC athletes or parents that may have COVID-19. Our athletes’ safety is our highest priority. As we continue to navigate this unprecedented situation, we want to assure our parents and athletes that we are monitoring all recommendations from the CDC, County and State officials as they unfold. We understand that TAC provides multiple services including classes, teams and after school training programs and we are continuing to assess each program and considering all options that are available to us. We want to provide an update to our TAC family as to our current status. Please note that as we continue to monitor recommendations by the CDC and County Public Health Officials, the following guidelines are very fluid and may change as situations warrant.

Pursuant to Governor Abbott’s Executive Order we will, in compliance with that order,  extend our Spring Break closure and will resume our regular schedule on Monday, March 30th. We will continue to watch the situation as next week unfolds and closely monitor the recommendations by the public health officials. Although we are in a low-risk area, we must do our part to try and prevent a widespread outbreak of the virus. These additional days of closure will afford each of our athletes the opportunity to ensure they are 100% healthy and ready to get back to the gym.  

In regards to opening March 30th, we will be implementing CDC guidelines to ensure our facility stays clean and comply with those requirements and precautions. We will continue to update parents and athletes as the situation unfolds.  While we are closed, we are exploring options in providing curriculum and engagement of athletes either by virtual classes or by other means at our disposal. If you have private lessons, those will be allowed with certain stipulations and your individual coach will notify you of those restrictions.

This is a very difficult situation and in light of the executive order, we will have to end our normal competition season. While we are saddened by this decision, we feel this is the best course of action during this time of uncertainty. If you had booked hotels for the April competition, we advise that you go ahead and cancel those reservations and begin your refund processes. 

We will continue to meet and review the changing situation daily and address them accordingly. We all want an expedient resolution to this terrible situation that we are all facing and are eager to get back to our daily routine. We understand the loss of practices and are reviewing tuition adjustments during that loss of time and will address those matters in the coming days. We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces just as quickly as possible. We ask that you understand the situation is changing daily and we will continue to strive to make the best decisions for all. 

Afterschool Training Program families we will be sending a separate email in the next day or so once we can clarify the guidelines and restrictions.