Vision and Mission for APEX

APEX strives to bring out the utmost potential of swimmers of all ages and groups by providing individualized care and programs through consistent clinical evaluation within a safe, positive, fun, and engaging environment. 

APEX is dedicated to helping swimmers unleash their potential and to help our swimmers achieve their peak performance level through the overall sports-care system. 

We strive to provide suitable care for individuals through our own swim clinic program, video analysis, individualized and sports-specific dryland programs, nutritional consultations, physical assessments, primary and secondary prevention strategies, and pre and post injury programs. 


The Role of APEX Club

APEX was created in Ailynn’s hope that no one would go through the turmoil she experienced by an injury due to the lack of proper knowledge and care especially by the coaching staff. With her degree in Athletic Training and Kinesiology from George Mason University, along with her 20 years of experience in competitive swimming as well as injury-related rehabilitation, she was sure she could help others achieve their athletic goals, while properly taking care of one’s body.
APEX is incorporated in all APEX swim groups’ curriculum according to the group’s proficiency level and individual needs. APEX does not offer the APEX care to any active members of the outside swim teams. The most important thing for APEX in coaching is for all swimmers to enjoy their practices in a safe and fun environment with a better understanding of each team member’s athletic, fitness, and wellness levels. We are confident our experiences and knowledge can help swimmers unleash their potential and achieve their peak performance level through the overall sports-care system of APEX preventing, and caring for any possible injuries.