The Makos group is the second of our competitive groups in the Northwest Arkansas Aquatics program. Swimmers in the Makos group primarily will be 12-16 years of age and entering the 7th grade; however, there may be some swimmers that are prepared and the workload is developmentally appropriate for them. In such cases, coaches discretion may warrant a move-up prior to this ideal age range.


The focus of the Makos group is to prepare the swimmers within the NWAA program for senior level swimming. These swimmers will continue to work on skills necessary to be a successful swimmer and will build up their endurance which is required to handle the training workload of senior level swimming.


The Makos will do swimming sets in practice that will help them in their development within the sport and will help them be competitive in local, regional, and national competitions. The goal of this group is to prepare them to be as competitive as possible within their age group and to make sure that they have the skills required to be successful as they progress in the NWAA program.  


It is our goal for the older swimmers in this group to move up as soon as they demonstrate the skills necessary and the endurance required to be able to smoothly transition into the Senior I group.


Move-ups will be communicated prior to the start of the short course and long course seasons; however, there may be some cases where a move mid-season is determined to be necessary by the coaching staff.


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Lead Group Coaches:


Eric Paden – [email protected]


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