• Team Suits - Dressing uniformly is a way for us to unite as a club. At all meets, we want to make our presence known as a club. Our team policy is that for all swim meets, swimmers are required to wear a navy/nautical navy Speedo brand suit.

  • The exception to the navy Speedo brand team suit is if a Speedo tech suit is worn (please consult your lead coach if a tech suit is something you should consider). Swimmers not wearing the required team suit will be asked to change into their Speedo team suit. If the swimmer does not have their team suit with them:

    • 1st Offense: The swimmer will receive a verbal and written warning and request they purchase a new suit if they do not have the one that they received from registration. 

    • 2nd Offense: The team will purchase a new suit for the swimmer and the account associated with the swimmer will be billed for the cost of the suit and shipping. 

  • Practice Suits - Swimmers are discouraged from wearing team suits during practice. This will keep your team suits looking new and prolong the life of the team suits and instill the idea that team suits are part of the team uniform used exclusively for team meets.  For practice, all swimmers are required to wear a one-piece suit that is in good condition and fits appropriately. 

  • Tech Suits - Tech suits (Speedo Intent, Speedo Valor, Speedo LZR Racer X, etc) should only be worn at championship meets and meets deemed appropriate by the coaching staff. During the regular meet season, we prefer that all swimmers race in our team suit. Tech suits may be worn at meets deemed appropriate by the coaching staff. Please ask your swimmers lead group coach if a tech suit can be worn at a meet. 


   Just like our team suits help us maintain a uniform appearance at all meets, it is our goal   

   for every swimmer to wear tech suits that are black or possibly navy at meets.